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Line 22f1fa19c3d Manifolds Algebraic Curves Complex Numbers 5g WOW SETI

November 30, 2012

Line 22f1fa19c3d Manifolds Algebraic Curves Complex Numbers 5g WOW SETI

5g force ufo engine acceleration plasma formulas

part 284c3d of 100 videos there are more videos after this one i’ll post all then update the #.

Math Equation Wow Seti 1977 radio signal alien

Wow SETI 1977 radio signal alien


Google 0.0071

Google 11 111 1 1 14

22 july 2012 656 pm edt

My thoughts
The absolute value of z.

The Mayan call the absolute value z for zero

Make z a 0 in this math equation.

X , re iy have been named in other videos..

22 July 2012 703 pm edt

Cross reference videos with key word x =

Key Words:

X = halogen or coefficients

Funny symbol – C6H5

Z = log (e to the power of x and e to the power of y)

Quantum mechanics

Control W7-X

Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator

Cannot find any videos with (iy) in them because they are diagrams not text.

Google instead – iy . Complex number comes up with x – iy.

Key words cross referencing videos with words “complex number” in WOW DATA.

22 July 2012 730 pm edt

Key words to Google from Complex number:

Argand Diagram
Interval cutting tensor
Computational intelligence
orthogonal imaginary axis
Complex Plane

Processing this data key words in next few videos…

Line 22f1fa19c3L (continued search) not filmed as of 30 July 2012.

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