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Diagram 202 WOW! SETI Signal negative mass confines dark matter CUBE space communications bandwidth signals

November 24, 2015

Diagram 202 WOW! SETI Signal negative mass confines dark matter CUBE space communications bandwidth signals

see Diagram 202 here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, section II page 46, page 8, 9 wow obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes, diagrams see page 47 – 50

Diagram 202 continues from Diagrams 99 to 201 showing a quantum particle accelerator, and laser beam long distance space communication signals, now we see how to use a wormhole to increase the BANDWIDTH of the telecommunications signals in space.

In Diagram 201 we see how the bandwidth travels inside and out both ENDS of the traversable wormhole in outerspace, sending long distance communication laser beam signals from the Kepler 22b habitable planetary region to EARTH

in Diagram 202 it shows how dark matter particles mixing with negative mass confines the signals – to FOCUS the power of them through outerspace on a LINEAR Path to avoid them diffracting before they reach Earth or the Kepler22b planetary regions in the Universal Galaxies we are travelling through in our UFO space ship.

Diagram 202
two circles represent each end of the traversable wormhole

you see four sets of dark matter particles inside alolng with the enormous bandwidth of THREE arrows (three types of signals)
——————–> going into outerspace
<——————— Coming back to Earth
BANDWIDTH of signals for these two signals to travel on through deep space inside of the traversable wormhole.

now remember our traversable wormhole, can CLOSE one end (the closed end stays with our UFO space ship) and it’s confining the long distance Signals inside of it. once it opens, it will connect between the galaxies and respond to the laser beam signals inside of the other half of the wormhole. It’s kind of HARD to explain to you.

The open end, travels through the galaxy in space, and to it’s planetary destination, and then it reconnects with the other half of the traversable wormhole, and then it sets up a NETWORK in HYPERBOLE space. I haven’t worked on THOSE formula’s yet, they are on my TO do list.

my thoughts
In 2015, so far I’ve blogged the basic building blocks for the space ship, what it’s going to be capable of, and we have seen how the UFO engine particle accelerator is going to work. Then will come the actual particles to collide, their measurements, and algorithms. Its taking me a LONG time to do it this year because I’m having issues with not having a proper computer and internet connection. I find our MODERN day technology WAY too slow, so my GOAL is to help develop something a million times faster, by blogging how to make it, then you make it, then I can buy it and use it for the work I want to do! 😉

back to notes.
looking at the diagram 202

you see the particles of dark matter inside of it.

++mm (double mass added) in each O particle that’s INSIDE of the traversable wormholes

Negative MASS attracted to Positive
Negative Mass confined to it’s edges (to EACH END of the traversable Wormhole)
0 ZERO mass at the ENDS of the wormhole (two open ends, both at 0 Mass that’s including the HIGGS Electric FIELD and ANY Higgs Boson particles all will have 0 Zero mass as per what the quantum particle accelerator is able to CHANGE the properties of ANY particles SPIN< MASS and CHARGE from + positive or – negative or 0 Zero

remember you need to think outside of the box for now. it may seem impossible due to the quantum mechanics you currently use in your standard model of physics on Earth. However you will be given the correct calculations and new physics, to create the new 5 higgs type bosons for a NEWER standard Quantum model of physics. I like the SOUND of that.. QUANTUM HIGGS Model of Physics? Just naming it! 🙂

more notes…. (page is shut down?)

quote not in notes on blog
page 9 wow obsidian mirrors formula search

MATT VISSER, by confining exotic matter to narrow regions to form the edges of a three-dimensional volume, for example the edges of a cube.

(SEE page 49)

The faces of the cube would resemble mirrors, except the image is of the view from the other end o f the wormhole. Although there is only one cube of material, it appears at two locations to external observer.

The cube links two "end" of a wormhole together.
A traveler, avoiding the edges and crossing through a face of one of the cubes, experience no stresses and emerges from the corresponding face of the other cube. The cube has no interior but merely facilitates passage from one cube to the other.

PAGE 47 in section II, page 9 wow obsidian mirrors formula notes continues.

part II obsidian mirrors my research thoughts

The exotic nature of edge material requires negative energy density and tension pressure. The energy density of the vacuum may be negative, as is the Casimir Field between two narrow conductors. Cosmic String has NEGATIVE TENSION.

(The Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory)
Google 1 Cosmic String draw formula (to do list!)


when the field undergoes a phase change in different regions of space time (Minkowski) resulting in condensations of energy density at the boundaries between regions. (imperfections that form between crystal grains in solidifying liquids, or the cracks that form when water freezes into ice.

A cosmic string would produce a similar duplicate image of fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background.

(Planck Surveyor Mission)

"Double Quasar" called Q0957+561 A,B, (1979)

the double image of this quasar is caused by a galaxy position between it and Earth. The gravitational lens effect of this intermediate galaxy bends. The quasar's light so that it follows two paths of different lengths to EARTH.

you see two images of the same Quasar , opon arriving a short time after the other (about 417.1 days later). Google 2 gravitational lens effect wow seti
Sept 1994 to July 1995

no time delay brightness 4xs
cosmic string passed between the earth and the quasar during that tiem period travelling at very high sped and oscillating with a period of about 100 days.

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