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Diagram 206 WOW! SIGNAL SETI delimits wormholes CUBE UFO aliases of laser signals

November 26, 2015

Diagram 206 WOW! SIGNAL SETI delimits wormholes CUBE UFO aliases of laser signals

see Diagram 206 here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, section II page 49, page 9 wow obsidian mirrors formula search notes

Diagram 206 continues from the traversable wormholes used to boost bandwidth in the long distance range of laser beam telecommunications signals.

notes say

page 46 drawings from Quotes (page 9 notes for wow obsidian mirrors formula search notes)

volume is the quanity of 3D space enclosed by some closed boundary. (measuring cup, volume of liquids)

Remember in earlier Diagrams 200 to 205 it shows a volume of a cone of sound, the frequency to aliases the WOW! signal 6EQUJ5.

in the drawings of Diagram 206 it says see Section II page 46

energy out the other end

Page 46 diagram

so we see a triangle, = triangle wave up in the top left hand corner

then we see two squares, diagonally to one another these represent the two ends of the traversable wormhole

the one on the left each corner is at a 90° angle

confining 3D volume

triangle wave signal ^^^^^^—–>>>>>—–>>>>>>

confining edges of a CUBE

(obsidian mirrors reflect image

0 ZERO stressors in the wormhole tunnel in between the two ends while both of the Ends are OPEN

in the middle we see two solid lines showing the DELIMITS of the signals

the second bottom wormhole

Reflected wormhole particles

Traveler avoids EDGES of the wormhole

Aliases of signals goes from one wormhole into the other.

Delimits CUBE

links two “ends” of a wormholes together


arrow points to the middle portion of the wormhole

ZERO 0 Stressors

traveler crosses through (avoiding the edges)

see Diagram 207 to show how the Higgs boson signals, Higgs electric Field and Quantum Particle accelerator create a quantisized field  with graphite film, nodes and super conductors to boost the communications signals.



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