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Diagram 207 WOW! SIGNAL SETI E+ energy density tension STRINGS Minkowksi Casimir Higgs Field

November 26, 2015

Diagram 207 WOW! SIGNAL SETI E+ energy density tension STRINGS Minkowksi Casimir Higgs Field

see Diagram 207 here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, section II page 49, page 9 wow obsidian mirrors formula search , Diagrams from Section II page 46, 47 notes.

Diagram 206 – CUBE of wormhole communication transmission from deep space to Earth

Diagram 207 Minkowski Space Time with Casimir Field, Hypersurface of present in Higgs Boson Signals in a UFO engine quantum particle vacuum accelerator (Diagrams 99 to 206 show how to make it)

Section II page 47 notes in a Diagram 207

lots of details in this drawing!

left side of picture

space NODES Circles with spikes on them representing the wires used to transform the NODE into a super conducting signal that levitates in and out of ELECTRON HOLES and the Crystalline super lattice Y UFO engine structure

there is a square with each corner being 90° angles

NoDES at the top of the Square which is the CUBE MATRIX

MinKOWSKI space time is in the middle of the drawing

so in the CUBE

left side is space
right side is TIME

E+ = positive charged electrons which are above the
CASIMIR field which is in the MIDDLE of the Minkowski space time drawing

on the left side (Space)
we have mass negative region of space time
Minkowski, Casimir Field
on the RIGHT bottom of the CUBE is the FUTURE

between Time and Future
is energy density in a vacuum

under the Casimir Field LINEAR path
is hypersurface of PRESENT (TIME)

below it is the Past (time)

where the E- negative electrons are
on the right is the CUBE Matrix or NETWORK of signals

it shows the EDGES of the cube/wormhole

arrows pointing towards all four walls

on the left side is E- , negative electrons

negative energy (see pg 47 notes)
density and tension

pressure (elastic band stretched STRINGS)
the NODES are on the bottom RIGHT of the CUBE,

so the NODES pass through the CUBE matrix that opens up in the MIddle of the wormhole to get to a past, present or Future time?

See Diagram 208 for Casimir Effect with graphite film, plasma, and NODES that turn into semi conductors while the UFO engine flies through outerspace inside of the wormhole from one galaxy to another.

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