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Matt VISSER Cosmic String Angles Negative Tension Mass in WOW! SETI UFO Engine Design Diagrams

November 30, 2015

Matt VISSER Cosmic String Angles Negative Tension Mass in WOW! SETI UFO Engine Design Diagrams
the idea girl says

Well dear readers, It looks like our Alien radio signal called WOW! (SETI NASA 1977) has done it again.

Matt Visser shows a theory based on what’s coming up in the formula’s for the WOW! Signal binary Code. So far Diagrams 99 to 211 show us a quantum particle accelerator that’s going to change the way we travel in outer space.

It’s also showing how to do this Cosmic String Theory of making Negative Mass at a 90° degree angle in the drawings.

It seems to be in all of the #200’s drawings, and it’s mostly affected by a traversable wormhole UFO engine design.

so I looked up Cosmic Strings to see whose theory it was. Now Matt Visser is actually mentioned in the formula so I must have come across his theory papers from the Journal of Physics websites.

quote WIKI

Negative mass cosmic string[edit]
The standard model of a cosmic string is a geometrical structure with an angle deficit, which thus is in tension and hence has positive mass. In 1995, Visser et al. proposed that cosmic strings could theoretically also exist with angle excesses, and thus negative tension and hence negative mass. The stability of such exotic matter strings is problematic; however, they suggested that if a negative mass string were to be wrapped around a wormhole in the early universe, such a wormhole could be stabilized sufficiently to exist in the present day.[2][3]

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