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Diagram 212 WOW! Signal aliases laser beam signals voltage currents phase shift present to future space travel UFO engine

December 2, 2015

Diagram 212 WOW! Signal aliases laser beam signals voltage currents phase shift present to future space travel UFO engine

see Diagram 212 here

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, section II page 51, page 9 wow obsidian mirrors formula search notes

see Section II page 47 notes for this diagram 212. Diagrams 99 to 211 show how to create the UFO engine’s quantum particle accelerator and now we see how to do space time travel into the past, present and future through a TRAVERSABLE wormhole created by the UFO engine design instructions.

Diagram 212 continues the instructions for the traversable wormhole for deep space travels from one galaxy into another, in either the past, present or future – Minkowski Space Time using the UFo Engine Quantum Particle Accelerator Design.

In Diagram 212, the formula notes are from Section II page 47 notes.
on Page 51 in blue book notes 1. (this is my reference information so I can find it if I need to refer BACK to it for any reason. :))

you see a Y and X axis graph … X AXIS —–> is TIME
the Y AXIS is to travel through the wormhole into the PAST TIME

it shows a roller coaster RIDE of Proton neutrino laser beam signals, that ALIASES above and below the X Axis of TIME

the past says it’s at 90° degrees
you see the delimits for the Higgs Boson Particle and HIggs Electric Field value at 0 ZERO

|| this is at PRESENT TIME in the WORMHOLE when the Higgs Boson and Higgs Electric Magnetic Field RESTS at 0, ZERO! (awesome! – CERN 2012 data only shows it rests at a value above and below Zero but NEVER at Zero? – don’t quote me on that!)

it says
voltage leads current by 0 ZERO (present time)
in phase

when the InDUCTIVE CURRENT hits the rollercoasting Proton Neutrino Laser Beams as it hits the X Axis value of TIME
then the current goes below the X axis and shoots back up above it
and it ALIASES signal into the FUTURE TIME travel

the rollercoaster is the CURRENT going up and down like mountain’s

it says to see Section II
this implies an “inductive Circuit”

looking up link provided, see Diagrams on there.

notes say
hyperphysics electricity + magnetism

use the ANGLE by which the VOLTAGE LEADS the CURRENT.

see Diagram 213

phase relates to full cycle of 360° degrees in Diagram 212

from 90° to 180° degrees (inductance, electromagnetism)

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