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Diagram 213 WOW! Signal phase shift full cycle period to 360° electromagnetism, inductance in UFO super conducting ENGINE design

December 2, 2015

Diagram 213 WOW! Signal phase shift full cycle period to 360° electromagnetism, inductance in UFO super conducting ENGINE design


see Diagram 213 here


the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, section II page 51, page 9 wow obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes, Diagram 213 continues Diagrams 99 to 212 showing the UFo engine quantum particle accelerator, now were looking at how to CREATE Minkowski Space Time Travel from past, present to Future in the wormhole created by the space ship UFO design.

It’s showing us how the phase shift is going to work.

Diagram 213 shows the phase shift at 360° degrees

you see two lines these are the DELIMITS

| —-> your laser beam proton neutrino signals go up and down

like a rollercoaster in this Y and X axis area of the Vacuum Quantum particle Accelerator inside of the UFO engine design —->>>|

there is a REST MASS of 0 ZERO in this area for the 5 new Higgs Boson particles created, as well as the Higgs Electric Field and Higgs Boson Particle itself.

it’s divided into to angles of 90° degrees. so your signals go from 90° up to 180° in the DELIMITS of the UFO engine.


notes say

Phase relates a full cycle or period to 360°degrees as a reference


quote WIKi


electromagnetism, property of a conductor by which a change in current flowing through it (induces) (creates) a VOLTAGE (electromotive Force) in both the conductor itself (self-inductanct and nearby conductors. (mutal inductance)

the idea girl says

so I think it’s trying to say that our levitating NODES with WIRES inside which turn particles into metal ions, become superconductors within the crystalline super lattice, and electron holes Y UFO engine structure. The NODes are going to communicate with each other.


notes says

physics – a steady current creates a steady magnetic field (oersteds law) and second, (notes continue on Page 52) that a time – varying magnetic field iinduces voltage in nearby conductors (Faraday’s Law of conduction)


see Diagram 214 – Oerstead’s law B magnetic Higgs Field around the NODES super conductors inside the UFO engine’s crystalline super lattice structure

Diagram 215 – NODES – mirror image – aliases signals – in Higgs Electric Field with diffracting laser beams and the obsidian mirrors

Diagram 216 the Tetrahedron Triangle super lattice crystalline UFO engine creates three separate Higgs Magnetic Quantum Flux Fields  – mirror images of the NODES super conductor laser beam proton neutrino signals.

Diagram 217 – Minkowski space time is created with this Quantum Flux – traversable wormhole space travel vehicle

Diagram 218 Creating wormholes with the UFO engine to get quickly from the planet Pluto to Earth within Minutes






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