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Diagram 215 WOW! Signal NODES create Higgs Mirror Image of proton neutrino laser beam Frequencies in UFO Engine

December 3, 2015

Diagram 215 WOW! Signal NODES create Higgs Mirror Image of proton neutrino laser beam Frequencies in UFO Engine

see Diagram 215 here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, section II page 52, page 9 wow obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes

Diagram 214, shows how to use Oerstead’s Law in the Higgs Quantum Electric Field inside the UFO Engine, with a network of NODE wire superconductor proton neutrino laser beam signals sending POWER to the UFO Engine, and creating a communications signal from outer space to EARTH or satellites in orbit in the galaxies we do our deep space travels in.

Diagram 215 continues from Diagrams 99 to 214 showing how to build a quantum flux UFo engine particle accelerator, that changes the way we do space travel – ballistic trasnport vehicles.

Diagram 215 notes says

Each NODE (of WIRES – a superconductor on it’s own and it’s TINy nanotechnology because it will levitate in and around crystal and graphite WAFERS in the UFo engine crystalline super lattice walls Y structure design.)

Each Node will cREATE it’s OWN “mirror image” of Higgs Quantum Flux Electric Field.

you can see the drawing of a circle NODE with five axial forces – arrows pointing towards each angle of it. N, S, E, W direction and in the middle from which ever obsidian mirror the proton neutrino laser FIRES from towards the Centre portion of the NODE

now if you’ve been following the blog, the NODES are pretty cool, because the Metal Ions in them do a PHASE Shift from either, solid, liquid or Gas.. (I know it sounds NUTS but we are Looking outside of the box here! literally this IS alien TECHNOLOGY!)

there are instructions on HOW this is accomplished! so don’t worry, that’s coming in future blog posts, when we look at the nodes formula’s. remember each of these first set of diagrams basically tells us WHAT this UFO Engine Design is capable of. So far it’s blowing our minds! big time, 🙂

So back to the formula

Diagram 215, shows a NOde with barry adam’s Five Axial Forces (barry should be doing a happy dance! his theory is going to be proven. unless you guys already HAVE?)

the obsidian mirrors diffracting the proton neutrino laser beam signals, and “mirror energies of all 3 NOdes become ACtivated”

remember the previous Graphs about ALIASES Signals created by the HIGGS Quantum Flux signals? I guess it’s going to mirror itself in 3D, or 3D or 4D 4th dimension physics.. (I think? not sure if this is the CORRECT wording…)

Let’s look at Diagram 216 to see how these three separate Quantum Higgs Boson signals mirror themselves in the crystalline super lattice UFO engine.

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