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Diagram 218 WOW! Signal UFO crystal Engine Traversable Wormholes travels in space to planets in minutes

December 5, 2015

Diagram 218 WOW! Signal UFO crystal Engine Traversable Wormholes travels in space to planets in minutes
see Diagram 218 here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, section II page 52, page 9, 10 wow obsidian mirrors formula search notes

Diagrams 214 to 218 are all on the same page, and all belong together.

Diagram’s 214 to 217 show the quantum particle accelerator connecting NODES with wires in them, to create a superconducting proton neutrino laser beam signal.

Diagram 218 basically tells us we will be able to travel in outerspace from planet to planet in MINUTES.

using Diagram 214 to 217 Minkowski Space Time Travel from Present, Past or Future window in space….

notes say for Diagram 218
UFO crystal Engine creates wormholes for communications and Deep Space Travel paths

you see on the right a circle that says PLUTO (planet pluto)

then you see TWO circles (ends of the traversable wormhole) which is generated inside of the UFO engine design.

then it shows a LINE connecting both ENDS of the traversable wormhole (which splits in half, and one part stays by EARTH, and the other part zaps out through the dark matter particles (we add quantum physics to them) and zaps into another Galaxy, and opens up the other END of the wormhole, and then our UFO zaps from the one by EARTH and zaps out the other END to Pluto… in minutes!

in between the TWO wormholes is a linear path, which is created by the proton neutrino laser beam we shoot out from the UFO crystalline superlattice Engine and it’s going to keep us on the straight and narrow linear path, so we do not bump the sides of the wormhole at any time. (keeps you locked in place and going forward, or backwards (past, Present, and then —-> future time frame) inside the wormhole.

The triangle waves signals are bouncing up and down inside of the wormhole. I have no IDEA what they are for, I’m sure we’ll find out once I do their “formula’s.” 🙂 (it’s on my to do list for future blogs – under Wormholes, or Laser Beam path travels.

see Diagram 219 for notes on NODES + Orsted’s Law, ABC tetrahedron Triangle UFO crystalline superlattice Engine, and Higgs magnetic Field, how we create a FABRIC of material with DARK MATTEr Particles with Super alloy particles, and NoDES wire signals… (super conductor – signals – inductance combine with orsted’s law.

(lots of NOtes with the NODES) I just had to say that! lol 🙂

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