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Diagram 220 WOW! Signal Cosmic String crystals atoms wormholes Microwave Dark Matter materials

December 8, 2015

Diagram 220 WOW! Signal Cosmic String crystals atoms wormholes Microwave Dark Matter materials
see Diagram 220 here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, section II page 54, page 9 WOW obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes.

Diagram 220 continues the quantum flux particle accelerator UFO engine design, from Diagrams 99 to 119 are the instructions on how to build one.

Diagram 220
shows how a Cosmic Strings connect one end of the traversable wormhole to the other end of the wormhole in the Diagram

inside is the Triangle Wave proton neutrino laser beam signals generated from the UFO crystalline Engine design.

along this linear path that the UFO space ship will travel from one part of outer space into another within MINUTES (instead of hours, months or years.. or millions of years…)

Ultra cold Rubidium Atoms mixing with Liquid Argon Gas (cooled? not sure if it’s going to be cold as well, I assume it will be to keep our rubidium atoms at a certain temperature)

*remember while in the wormhole, all values are going to be a 0 ZERO – so mass, spin, and charge, will be at 0 for ALL particles, metals, (ufo space ship included) and the Higgs Bosons, and Higgs Electric Field according to the formula’s notes).

on the left of the linear path of the space ship we have a mixture of crystal grains (there’s formula’s for them, to be blogged in the future it’s on my to do “research” list)
then as it travels along this LINEAR path

the WATER molecules which spray from a misting gun at the BASE of the crystalline UFO engine “solidifies” the water molecules freeze in ICE
an arrow —->

from the LEFt of the base or ENDING wormhole (destination in space)
shows CMBR Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
(Thermal Radiation)
on the right where the water solidifies water molecules freeze into ICE
and CRACKS in DARK MATTER FABRIC MATERIALS in space “appear” at the base of the COSMIC String that joins the two traversable wormholes together in outerspace.

see Diagram 221 for different densities created by LIGHT, with temperature fluctuations
electrons, proton rings combined into NEutral atoms
that spin creating Minkowski spacetiem Freely emitting electrons?

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