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Happy holiday merry Christmas and happy new year

December 21, 2015

The idea girl says
Its time we all just chill and enjoy the seasonal celebrations

I will be back to the blogging videos and research in Jan 2016

If I get bored I might blog my highs boson research…

Or I might film the 100 pages of research lol

But first I have errands to do parties to attend and enjoy and dinner engagements
In the meantime enjoy the idea girl says YouTube videos and add a like to them as a gift to me. Thank you readers for sharing my hard work and research ideas with your physics chemistry and space engineers and particle accelerating teams

Please blog results from my ideas and let me know how they do…

Its exciting to have an idea then see it work. Right?

Thanks for reading and sharing my blogs and videos around the world
I really appreciate all of you

Make sure you say hello to your family friends acquaintances and co workers from me
You guys and gals are all great!

I hope you take a deep breathe spoil and pamper yourself just a little bit so your minds will be fresh and ready to look outside the box of my ideas and hopefully we will use this alien technology to go on future space adventures and explore some if those habitable planets in the Kepler region or a galaxy nearby

I can’t wait till we do our first deep space voyage with our new alien UFO styled space ships
Its going to be exciting seeing new worlds

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