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Higgs Boson – Sean Carroll , Linda Randall Notes Pages 1 to 4

January 12, 2016

the idea girl says

12 January 2016 – Tuesday

so far I’ve blogged my notes from pages 1 to 4, (up to page 29 of Sean Carroll’s book -The Particle at the End of the Universe – How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson leads us to the edge of a New World.

INDEX of pages and what they are about.

Page 1 – Sean Carroll’s credentials and publishers, Twitter, Blog Information

Page 2 – Sean Carroll’s Fermions and Bosons – notes from page 28 of his book

Page 3 – Sean Carroll’s Protons Neutrons Electrons – up, down quarks, less or greater Mass, heavy particles with small space, electrons – lighter space, pocket of space with Proton, electron, Neutron combines to create a solid state.

Page 4 – Sean Carroll’s Bosons Gravitons Electrons Page 4 – notes from page 29 of his book – Boson creates 0 Zero space, +/-/0 positive, negative, zero charge in force carriers, bosons combine into a macroscopic force field, gravitons pull like an A/C Current does, an electron trapped by Atomic Nucleus, electrons, photons exchange between electron and Atomic Nucleus, carrier forces – (+  positive) annihilation, (-  negative) decay.

see INDEX of all pages here. (there is a total of 94 pages!)


see book cover here:

see the book trailer here:

the idea girl says

I’ve uploaded to page 15, so I’ll be doing 2 notes each time I blog (hopefully) 2 pages of notes for the Higgs project, and 2 pages for the WOW! alien radio signal 6EQUJ5 research diagrams for the UFO engine design – quantum particle accelerator and collider engine

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