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Diagram 227 WOW! Signal wormhole bandwidth communication channels in negative mass dark matter particles

January 14, 2016

Diagram 227 WOW! Signal wormhole bandwidth communication channels in negative mass dark matter particles
see Diagram 227 here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, page 56,page 9 wow obsidian mirrors formula keyword search

Diagram 227 WOW! Signal wormhole bandwidth communication channels in negative mass dark matter particles, continues from Diagrams 99 to 226 for the UFO engine design ideas.

Diagram 227 shows the two ends of a traversable wormhole, that can create bandwidth communication channels for deep space communications from other galaxies to EARTH.

we seem to be changing gears again in the diagrams. We’ve gone from particles back to the wormhole communications instructions for some reason? 🙂

Part II obsidian mirrors formula, (mar 8, 2015)
17 Feb 2014 notes says
Formula from data: for Diagram 227
wormholes, communication channels, enormous bandwidth.
wormhole will collapse when amount of mass passing through it approaches same order as amount of negative mass confined to its edges. (not entirely sure WHAT that means…) there’s more…

Diagram 227
there’s 5 linear paths drawn in horizontal lines
two big circles on each end
with smaller circles representing “particles” ++ m adding MASS some +/- add and subtract mass in the linear paths.

on the left it says

enormous bandwidth
communication channels (ergo the 5 linear paths of communication)
I’ll say two lines to EARTH, two lines to the Galaxy and one middle line for the DATA to TRAVEL on.?
between two lines is the BIG circle (which is one end of a traversable wormhole on the left side)
the lines represent the DELIMITS
this the area where any particle quantum flux changes occur and bouncing laser beam signals will open an close the LOGIC gates, like ONE big computer chip… there’s more, “think outside the box” is what you’ll have to do here. this isn’t a computer in the middle of this wormhole, it’s all data being transported in outerspace along linear paths laser beams and particles that will carry the DATA along these laser beam signals.

in the middle you see on the left
one particle +m it’s adding MASS to that particle of data.

then you see a —–> right arrow of communication —-> this end of the wormhole is sending or AMPLIFYING a signal to the other END of the wormhole where a receiver will gather these communication signals..

below this SIGNAL —->>>>

is a BIGger particle (i’m assuming it’s a type of higgs boson type particle (You haven’t named this one yet, but i’ll show you what it consists of in the formula’s under “laser beam signals” and metal ions particle mixtures, because in these linear paths, the NODES of our UFO space ship levitate and float around and TURN from semiconductors to SUPErconducting signals… (that’s under the NODES formula’s, both of these technologies are still in the process of being researched in my notes and will be blogged in book #2 and Book #3 notes and diagrams. I’m still blogging book #1 which has around 500 diagrams. 🙂

So back to Diagram 227
in the middle it says
amount of mass = amount of NEGATIVE MASS DENSITY>

then on the bottom middle two arrows showing you that the two big circles are the wormholes

on the right is the BIGGER higgs like particle on TOP (in the top quark area) the other side on the left is on the BOTTOM quark area)

this large particle <—————– is sending it's communications from deep space galaxies – UFO space ships back to EARTH.
the large particle has a + m adds mass but notice it's only POSITIVE, there's no negative flux with it.

the bottom smaller particle now becomes the +/- positive, negative mass additive to particles it collides with.

then the big circle on the right which is the other end of the wormhole out in outer space.
this is where the wormhole collapses.

negative mass confined to it's edges, within the DELIMITS range

again two lines going vertical on either side of the wormhole shows where your delimits are for bouncing laser beam signals and particle quantum flux collisions to occur inside of the wormhole's three linear paths.

so our colliding, spinning, adding, subtracting mass particles which we MADE in the UFO engine quantum flux particle accelerating vacuum go out on a linear path into outer space from one wormhole (which is created at the BASE of the space ship – yes we can make our own travelling wormholes when we want to zip from earth's solar system to another galaxy within minutes, or hours, travelling millions of light years away from Earth in yes you heard me, Minutes and hours! 🙂

now let's see what the NOTES say below Diagram 227 from the keywords found in the formula

I put a google the word displacement and to add to the drawing for Diagram 228, which i have done after i took a picture of it. 🙂

keywords are
two super lattice walls, electron holes, crystals, water vapor molecules, ultra cold rubidium atoms, proton ring Tevatron energies, graphite film plates, electron ribbon laser beams, cross sections, pencil laser beams, diffraction, displacement, algorithms, cross ref lines 1 to 27.

See Diagram 228 for electron ribbon pencil laser beam signals, water vapour molecules, electron holes and what they all have to do with the Y structure UFO engine quantum flux particle accelerating vacuum idea…

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