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Diagram 228 WOW! SETI Rubidium Atoms Crystalline Superlattice Water Molecules Protons Electrons

January 18, 2016

Diagram 228 WOW! SETI Rubidium Atoms Crystalline Superlattice Water Molecules Protons Electrons
see Diagram 228 here:

the idea girl says

I’ve photographed 3 sketches showing close ups of Diagram 228 because it has a lot of details in it.

Diagrams 99 to 227 show the quantum flux particle UFO engine accelerator designs.

blue book 1 part II obsidian mirrors formula keyword search, page 9 notes continues with diagrams march 8, 2015 notes) googled displacement algorithms wow seti

Formula notes with Diagram 227 – showing two traversable wormhole ends, one’s open the other’s going to collapse. This wormhole is able to create large long distance bandwidth for communication signals from a UFO quantum particle accelerating engine from galaxies that are millions of light years away to EARTh in the matter of minutes or seconds (communications).

in Diagram 228 we BEGIN to see what particles are going to be WHERE in the UFO Engine’s quantum flux particle accelerating, colliding sections…
this will also have “displacement algorithms” as a formula added in later notes. Once I google and make those notes and draw them, I’ll refer back to this Diagram 228.

there is a large circle with many little circles on it and arrows going clockwise and counterclockwise on the outer shell of the UFO engine design.

These clockwise and counterclockwise arrows represent the Higgs Electric Field that’s generated by a spinning mixture of Proton rings, cooled plasmas, liquid argon gas which will generate TEVATRON energies while the UFO space ship flies through space. This UFO engine’s able to propel the ship without the aid of rockets or fuels. This Ufo engine can accomplish deep space communication signals and create it’s own wormholes to travel millions of light years within minutes or hours. (depending on how far you plan to go into deep space).

The goal of this UFO engine so far as per the WOW! alien radio signal data is to visit the planet Kepler22b which is said to have Earth’s earlier descendants that left Earth before an ELE Extinction Level Event 3,000 and then again 10,000 years ago. We’ve been given the space coordinates of their planet. Now we are looking at the concepts and drawings of how to build a UFO space ship that is capable of flying there WITH astronauts – humans in it.

Diagram 228

shows the spinning HEF Higgs Electric Field (this is generated by the UFO engine itself)

in the middle of this HEF is a Y crystalline super lattice structure, that creates a VACUUm in the middle of it, where particles collide with laser beam signals.

It’s hard to see the details of the drawings in this sketch, so bear with me. There will be “fine tuning” of each of these compartments for the Engine as I blog the instructions on what they are capable of doing and how they work.

Diagram 228 shows how the electron ribbon laser beams create diffraction inside of the UFO engine’s design.

the OM on either side (along the middle portion) are two obsidian mirrors, that rotate in all directions very quickly. These obsidian mirrors are going to diffract the different types of laser beams into several sections of this UFO engine so that it can do different tasks.

in the two Y crystalline structures, picture two tunnels in the top portions of the Y like a V with two walls, so that particles and protons smash like the CERN LHC collider does inside of the Y part of the UFO engine. each crystalline wall can OPEN and CLOSE to create a VACUUM area in it, so that CERTAIN particles will collide with CERTAIN laser beam signals (there’s three DIFFERent laser beams so far, but I know there’s more…)

in the cross section of the UFO engine Diagram 228 shows this

so inside one of the Y crystalline superlattice walls on the LEFt side
we see crystal grains, and in the middle from the Obsidian mirror is a linear path of electron ribbone laser beams, and a pencil laser beam
there is a section of graphite film plates where colliding particles will bounce back and forth between two plates, releasing electrons

in this mixture are Ultra Cold Rubidium Atoms

(cold atoms turn WATER to GAS or Vapor) (these water molecules will also feed into a type of LASER gun that uses water, gas or vapor to do different things).

at the bottom it shows 1, 2, super lattice mesh crystalline walls, with arrows pointing at them

on THE RIGHT Y UFO crystalline engine structure
it says at the top
Proton Rings Tevatron Energies then it shows arrows with S , S= Spin
so it’s going to Spin counter clockwise and clockwise, not only the cooled plasmas, and liquid argon gas, but also it will change the spin properties of particles that collide in THIS area of the UFO engine’s Y structure design.

in the RIGHT crystalline superlattice mesh wall you see EH this isn’t particles it’s ELECTRON Holes which certain particles and laser beam signals will pass through and do different things for this UFO engine. the EH Electron Holes are also in the LeFt Y Ufo engine structure too.

again it will change the S= Spin and +/- particles charges to positive or negative in these areas of the UFO engine design.

at the base of the right superlattice mesh walls it says water vapor molecules
(liquid turns to gas?) in this portion

Diagram 229 shows how this UFO engine will change metal ions in super alloys particle mixtures to create bendable metals, flexible NODES that change from receivers to semi conductors to super conductors with RF frequency signals, using laser beams diffracting from obsidian mirrors, making the NODES and the UFO engine’s exterior shell be able to CHANGE it’s shape as it flies through space avoiding space debris, meteors, comets and asteroids (so it doesn’t HIT them it goes around them and they pass through it?)

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