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Diagram 230 WOW! SETI RF Frequency Flex Quantum NODES laser beams diffract obsidian mirrors higgs bosons

January 19, 2016

Diagram 230 WOW! SETI RF Frequency Flex Quantum NODES laser beams diffract obsidian mirrors higgs bosons

see Diagram 230 here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, page 57, on page 9 wow obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes.

Diagram 230 shows how the RF Frequency signals are generated by Diagram 229 – Higgs , super alloys, NODES super conductors via laser beam signals diffracting from obsidian mirrors on either side of the Y UFO engine crystalline mesh walls structure.

see Diagram 229 here:

In Diagram 229 we see how the super alloys mix with laser beam signals and affect the NODES which transmit and receive super conductor laser beam communication signals.

In Diagram 230 it shows two OO NODES with FORK ends three wires, and one main wire, and the second NODE on the right shows two arrows pointing UPwards to the left and right at a NNE, NNW angle.

it says FLEXIBLE NODES (change shape?)

then a LONG arrow————————–>>>>> from the RIGHT side of the crystalline super lattice UFO engine particle accelerator (vacuum particle collider) where it says


—————–>>>>> RF Frequency Signals? (not sure if this is what they will be..)

ADD information on LASER BEAMS DATA with Minimum ENERGY

then you see the word D 230 (Diagram 230)

it says laser beams DIFFRACT at each MOVEMENT ^ up arrow v down arrow of OBSIDIAN MIRRORS

they will actually be able to rotate at different angles, and diffract the laser beams signals into certain area’s of the UFO engine’s structure which has about 6 different areas in it that will do different tasks.

now it’s got another drawing which I didn’t separate because it would be so confusing (if it isn’t already! LOL)

this is a CIRCLE with FIVE arrows in it.  North, South, East, West and South South East

this represents “FIVE AXIAL FORCES” which will be used to CREATE the 5 new BOSon Particles with the UFO engine’s quantum flux particle accelerator


you can see NB and the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and these are the 5  new (higgs) boson particles which will be able to amplify particle signals. (yes, look outside of the box of physics here, you will find this out in your data soon! #prediction #jan192016

then you see two particles O -W and O – Z (negative W and Z bosons)

the -W, -Z bosons weakly interacting particle collisions in cross section

arrows going east and west, represent bouncing particles within the DELIMITS, bouncing particles, are also colliding with CERTAIN particle mixtures (i’m actually working on those formula’s notes, and will blog that as a unit in the future!)






picture the | lines connected as if it’s a long , vertical tube which represents the vacuum’s created in each Y UFO engine crystalline mesh two walls structure.  the V top of the Y is actually two arms, that are two separate units of the particle accelerator, and different particles will mix and collide and do different things in these TWO ARMS of the UFO quantum particle collider. (hope this makes sense to you, if not I will draw at the END of this data so that you’ll understand all the layers that go into this “ufo engine design”.

the cross section of laser beams 1,2,3,4,5 bouncing between obsidian mirrors

see Diagram 231 to see how the -W -Z with 0 zero mass, change the charge of neutrinos to be able to hold both +/- positive and negative charge carriers  at the same time in ONE particle without the “neutrino antiparticle”. The UFO engine  quantum flux accelerator it soing to change the 5 new Higgs boson particles, and the higgs boson particle (CERN 2012 results) become symmetric particles. 🙂

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