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Diagram 235 WOW! SETI Vacuum transistor Voltage GATE HIGGS Electric Field Semi Conductor Graphite Charges

January 25, 2016

Diagram 235 WOW! SETI Vacuum transistor Voltage GATE HIGGS Electric Field Semi Conductor Graphite Charges

see Diagram 235 here:

the idea girl says

Diagram 235 WOW! SETI Vacuum transistor Voltage GATE HIGGS Electric Field Semi Conductor Graphite Charges

blue book notes 1, page 60 (Diagrams continue from page 59 notes), WOW obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes, continues from Diagrams 99 to 234 showing how to build a UFO ENGINE design. Now we learn how to build a superconductor, and new type of “alien technology” quantum logic gate computing.

quote blog nanobot:

Advanced nanobots will be able to sense and adapt to environmental stimuli such as heat, light, sounds, surface textures, and chemicals; perform complex calculations; move, communicate, and work together; conduct molecular assembly; and, to some extent, repair or even replicate themselves. is an informational site that provides information on both recent developments and future applications at the intersection of nanotechnology and robotics.

“Nanotechnology – science and application of creating objects on a level smaller than 100 nanometers.” – The size of one particle then can squeeze through a surgical mask (a virus particle’s size)

see new technologies here;


In research described in a paper in ACS Photonics, the Moscow researchers have demonstrated in simulations that using a metamaterial as a high-performance thermal interface can significantly reduce the amount of heat generated in photonic circuits. Thermal interfaces are essentially layers of thermally conductive materials placed between the chip and the heat sink. For instance, thermal grease is a popular type of thermal interface used in today’s electronic circuits to reduce heat. In this case, a two-dimensional metamaterial known as a metasurface was used instead of thermal grease.

A metamaterial—or a metasurface in this case—is  an artificially structured material fabricated by assembling different objects to replace the atoms and molecules that one would see in a conventional material. The resulting material has very different electromagnetic properties, some of which allow for interaction and control of electromagnetic waves. One of the key properties of metamaterials, which was critical for its use in this most recent research, is a negative refractive index. In this case, the negative refractive index manages to suppress all but one of the diffraction rays of light and thereby directs all the incident light only to where it is needed.

page 61 notes, link no longer found. googles from page 59, page 10 wow obsidian mirrors formula notes. – Part II obsidian mirrors

the idea girl says

my notes

Diagram 235

Vacuum Tunnel Transistor

Voltage —> GATE —> CREATES (HEF) HIggs Electric Field in SEMICONDUCTOR Material below (GRAPHITE)

_______________________________________GRAPHITE FILM

thin OXIDE insulates GATE from CAthode

___________________________________GRAPHITE FILM


|>+ EF                   draws O +/- particle positive negative CHARGe CARRIERS


_________>>_NO CURRENT FLOWS INTO (LOGIC) GATE {} >>_____>

_______> DRAWS INTO CHANNEL_______>

_______> DRAWS _______>{_____}  Insulated THIN OXIDE



SOURCE (on left side) vvv CURRENT FLOWS  DRAW Region (on right side)

vvv show where the CHARGE DRaws DOWNwards to

+/- positive negative CURRENT FLOWS    vv Downwards

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