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Diagrams WOW! ALIEN Signal 6EQUJ5 Videos The Idea Girl Says Youtube Channel Playlist Index

January 26, 2016

Diagrams WOW! ALIEN Signal 6EQUJ5 Videos The Idea Girl Says Youtube Channel Playlist Index

the idea girl says
I’ve made an index page for the Alien Radio Signal Research Video Playlist on my Youtube Channel – The Idea Girl Says.

It begins with Diagrams 1 to ?

I’m up to Diagram 72 as of 26 January 2016. There will be over 2000+ diagrams, as there are over 2,000 research videos and I’ve only started working on the formula keyword instructions in blue book 1 – wow! obsidian mirrors formula keyword search. I’ve so far written 4 notes books of notes. 🙂 EAch keyword has it’s own set of formula’s and instructions to follow to build a UFO Engine Design. After four years (November 2011 to January 2016 I’m having fun sketching what the keywords mean. I guess the keywords themselves confused many scientists and students, who kept asking WHATS this mean?)

So now I’m drawing the keywords, and guess what. It’s units of a Engineering Design for a UFO Space Ship Engine. Alien Technology that’s not on EARTH yet.. SEriously it’s unbelievable what this machine is capable of doing. Finally after having visions and dreams of this thing for years as a child (yeah some of my memories are coming back now, I had a full load of data into my brain in 2011) (after a second car accident/brain injury it opened a door in my brain and all this stuff was in my head, so I started to write it down, and do the data mining research. I looked at data from scientists from all over the world, their test lab results and abstract white papers, theories, and research on Wikipedia.

the binary code numbers in the WOW! signal 6EQUJ5 had math equations in them. Not your normal math, but equations that you had to solve doing 3,000 year old arithmetic! I guess that’s where this “alien technology” comes from? according to the data it led me to the WOW! signal where it said, it SENT Earth a message in 1977 but no one was able to figure it out. That’s where I come in.

I am a “gifted” . Have been since the age of 3 (I was reading Astrology (adult books) at age 3 and I’d understand and talk about it to people that didn’t know what I meant. I guess this has been in my life a long time, since my FIRST book was about STARS and PLanets and space ships lol

Now years later (I am 49 years in 2015, I’ll be 50 in 2016) I’m tapping into this dream, vision and sharing it with the world. I got tired watching our technology take 30 to 50 years to advance. Now it shall advance within 5 years, and it already has! In leaps and bounds.

Now you can take the diagrams, and your lab, space scientists and build something that can go into distant galaxies that are millions of light years away! Yes, that’s right. Your going to learn how to do my version of space travel (alien AIRL from the 1947 ROSWELL MEXICO UFO CRASh also helped give “universal messages” for the research and showed what some of this stuff means.”

Now physics, scientists and Edward Snowden is being proven to be true when they said that Aliens gave earth people their technology. It just took someone with some patience and time on her hands (I do this as a hobby!) to figure it all out. I actually didn’t start figuring it out until end of 2015! For four years I was in the dark just like you. Then bingo! a light when on once I started to DRAW what the words mean. So far I’ve drawn 500 diagrams, and guess what? NONE are the SAME! 🙂

check them out here!

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