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Diagram 245 – Line 22 7b241 Repulsive Capasso Experiment Data Casimir–Lifshitz Forces DARPA WOW SETI

January 28, 2016

Diagram 245 – Line 22 7b241 Repulsive Capasso Experiment Data Casimir–Lifshitz Forces DARPA WOW SETI

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the idea girl says

This video is followed by the next blog post, where I show my notes, and formula’s for a UFO engine Design that has two different types of engines, for One UFO design space ship.

CASIMIR forces, is what holds the two engines apart, as they levitate above and below one another while flying to different galaxies in deep space, via a traversable wormhole that connects them from EARTH’s solar system to OTHER solar systems that are millions of light years away and impossible to travel to with “today’s 2016 Earth technology.” Enter into the FOURTH dimension of physics and that all changes….

see Line 22 7b242 here:

quote yt notes Line 22 7b241
Capasso, vacuum , liquid, bromobenzene, metal plates, gold, polystyrene sphere, cantilever, silica plate, dielectric permittivity, quantum fluctuations, Repulsive Casimir–Lifshitz forces keyword research in Line 22 wow data
To be filmed 23 feb 2014

23 feb 2014

Line 22 7b240 Repulsive Forces Capasso’s Casimir-Lifshitz Quantum Levitation DARPA WOW SETI


Repulsive Casimir–Lifshitz forces

Quote from blog

Capasso’s team replaced the vacuum with a liquid, bromobenzene, and, instead of metal plates, used a gold-coated polystyrene sphere attached to a cantilever, and a silica plate.

The key to the experiment is the dielectric permittivity of each of these materials. This property represents a material’s ability to carry an electric field.
The next step is to use the phenomenon to levitate a tiny piece of gold, or other material, in the liquid.

“The levitation experiment should be straightforward,” says Capasso, and, if so, could be exploited in tiny machines within 10 years.

“I have a hunch that something useful will come out of this,” he adds.

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quantum fluctuations
Data continues next video



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