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Diagram 245 – Line 22 7b242 Repulsive Quantum Levitation Capasso Casimir-Lifshitz DARPA Formula WOW SETI

January 28, 2016

Diagram 245 – Line 22 7b242 Repulsive Quantum Levitation Capasso Casimir-Lifshitz DARPA Formula WOW SETI

300 views jan 28, 2016

quote Yt notes see below my blog notes.

the idea girl says
blue book notes 1, page 64, pages 11, 12 of Part II Wow Obsidian Mirrors Formula Keyword Search notes.

new section of data,

Line 22 7b242 Repulsive Quantum Levitation Capasso Casimir-Lifshitz DARPA Formula WOW SETI
Line 22 7b241 Repulsive Capasso Experiment Data Casimir–Lifshitz Forces DARPA WOW SETI

are both with Diagram 245, where is shows some of the functions of the SECOND UFO CORE Engine which is all in ONE space ship.

You have the CORE UFO Engine levitating (floating) above, it’s a Obsidian Glass Sphere, this is the main control room, it’s also where the astronauts live during the journey to distant galaxies.

It’s capable of supplying POWER, Electricity, Oxygen and it’s going to have a super computer a quantum dance nanoscale Nanotechnology Electronic Brain to run the two UFO engine designs.

These two videos explain what it means by CASIMIR FORCES, which is used in between the two engines, to keep them together as ONE unit but they are floating apart from one another. picture TWO BALLOns, you rub them, add friction, static and the tips of the balloons stick together, but show two separate units. This is the same concept for these TWO UFO engines one’s the CORE UFO Engine, the other is the Y Crystalline superlattice two walled Structure.

I’ll put all the notes with Diagram 245 to save on “blog” space.

quote yt formula notes, keywords, originally that Diagrams 240’s belong too…

Space propulsion, energy extraction, vacuum, conversion, nanoscale machines, friction, gold, air, fluid, capasso, Evgeny Lifshitz, formula, repulsive quantum levitation forces, casimir force, DARPA , nature journal, harvard researchers, control, nanotechnology line 22 wow data
Line 22 7b241 Repulsive Capasso Experiment Data Casimir–Lifshitz Forces DARPA WOW SETI

Casimir quantum force

23 Feb 2014
A repulsive quantum force, opposite of casimir force, has been verified and measured. This is the cover story, [Measured long-range repulsive Casimir-Lifshitz forces], of the Jan 8, 2009 Nature journal and is fromHarvard researchers: J. N. Munday, Federico Capasso & V. Adrian Parsegian.

Controlling the casimir forces is potentially a huge capability and DARPA has been funding work on it.

Last year creating a small scale comb allowed the casimir force to be reduced by 30 to 40%

Sufficient control of the casimir force could enable a breakthrough in space propulsion and energy extraction from the vacuum and highly efficient energy conversion.

It could also make nanoscale machines work better with less or more friction as needed. Ultra-low friction bearing are also very high potential.

23 feb 2014

My thoughts:

In the diagram of the repulsive quantum force opposite of casimir force diagram above
I see a gold sphere that is levitating over a plate using

air lift and magnetic forces within the higgs electric field, all these concepts are found in the wow data formulas, cross ref lines 1 to 27.

In the formula’s cooled plasma, liquid argon gas are mixed with super alloys of copper and Nodes, wires formula’s to create frequency signals within a network of hyperbole space.

Formula from data:

Control + casimir force + breakthrough + space + propulsion + energy + extraction + from + vacuum + highly efficient energy conversion +see recycling fuels, hydrogen, helium wow data formulas cross ref lines 1 to 27+

Make + nanoscale + machines + work + better + with + less + more + friction + as + needed +

Ultra-low friction + add + ultra cold rubidium atoms + bearing + very + high + potential + add + top quarks +

Two surfaces + same + material + particle + symmetry + gold + separated + by +vacuum + air + fluid + water molecules

+ vapor + signals + frequency + electron ribbon laser beams + pencil lasers + diffraction + obsidian mirrors + electron holes + two super lattice walls + hyperbole space

Cooled plasma + liquid argon gas + higgs boson + higgs electric field

+ crystals + tetrahedron + math algorithms+ cross ref wow data line 1 to 27 higgs, crystals, plasma, gas, GAAS +

Resulting + force + always + attractive + negative mass density + positive mass density + particles

+ electrons + muons + fermions + neutrinos + particle mixtures + super alloys + copper + wow data formula’s cross ref lines 1 to 27 metals, particle, mixtures +

Capasso + scientists + replaces + one of the two + metallic + surfaces + flexible + bendable + metals formulas lines 1 to 27 wow data cross ref +

Surfaces + immersed + in + liquid hydrogen fluid +cross ref wow data formulas lines 1 to 27 +

One made of silica + cross ref silica wow data formulas lines 1 to 27 +
Force + between + them + switched + from + attractive = negative

+ positive to repulsive = negative mass + negative mass or positive mass + positive mass + in + between + particle + effects +

Metamaterials + can + reverse+ and + control + amount + of + casimir force +

Experimental + verification + Capasso’s Group data +

That + bizarre + quantum effect+ the casimir force + can + manifest + itself + in + its+ repulsive + form + pivotal + p orbitals + ultra cold rubidium atoms +

Fundamental physics + for + nanotechnology +

In 1948 + Hendrik Casimir + predicted + two + uncharged + particles + without mass + add neutrinos + to + higgs bosons + higgs electric field

+ perfectly + conducting + cross ref lines 1 to 27 conduction, conducting, charges in wow data formulas

cannot fit all the data here, will post it on the blog with the video – alien space science news on wordpress.

Data continues next video

see Line 22 7b241 here:

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