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Diagram 247 WOW! SETI Hyperbole Space ARC NODES Nanotechnology Machines in Plasma, Argon Gas Create Communication FRequencies

February 3, 2016

Diagram 247 WOW! SETI Hyperbole Space ARC NODES Nanotechnology Machines in Plasma, Argon Gas Create Communication FRequencies

see Diagram 247 here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, page 65, WOW obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes from pages 12, 13, 14 Part II Obsidian Mirrors. 23 Feb 2014 Researched.

Diagram 247 continues from Diagrams 99 to 246 showing how to make a UFO engine design. Hyperbole space creates a network of NODES WIRE Super Conductors that transmit long distance communications into outer space.

In the formula’s cooled plasma, liquid argon gas are mixed with super alloys (the formula’s will be blogged in the future) of copper atoms and NODES WIRES formula’s (blogging in the future) to CREATE FREQUENCY Signals within a NETWORK of HYPERBOLE Space.

looking at Diagram 247

on the left side

there’s a large circle with DOTS on it – Hyperbole Space ARC
on the bottom left

the TETRAHEDRON TRIANGLE UFO ENGINE C, B, A is travelling along this Hyperbole Space ARC network?

smaller NODES with wires in “PLasma” as as in the TETRAHEDRON TRIANGLE

there’s a super conducting NODE for each point of the triangle A, B, C
the firing sequences have already been show in earlier diagrams of how the laser beam signal pulses are supposed to FIRE from B to A laser beams, and then both beams hit D,E of the obsidian mirrors and diffract up to C – the top point of the Tetrahedron crystalline engine.

then it says
smaller NODES
(Nanotechnology Machines in Plasma)
these levitate and turn from semi conductors and become a SUPER CONDUCTOR when a long distance frequency transmission is required.

These long distance laser beam signals are going to be amplified through a traversable wormhole which will create a LARGE Bandwidth, so that our UFO space ship can communication from say the Kepler 22b planetary region which is thousands of LIGHT YEARS AWAY to EARTH in a matter of seconds or minutes.

(were looking outside of the box here, because our technology in 2016 cannot do this as FAR as i Know!)

in the middle of the CIRLCe with the little circles of hyperbole space ARC’s
which becomes some sort of network for communications.

we see a big circle with arrows on it going clockwise, this is the HEF Higgs Electric Field generated around the Y CRYSTALLINE structure two super lattice walls engine.

there’s little circles 0000 in this rotating Higgs Field

it says this is Cooled Plasma combined with Liquid Argon Gas

Mixed with super alloys of copper and NODES, Wires
you can see in the middle the Tetrahdron Triangle of the HEF higgs electric Field, ABC

it looks like bigger circles are rotating, this would be the cooled plasma rings – TEVATRON energies

there’s a rectangle and an upside down triangle tetrahedron

then a long arrow from cooled plasma, liquid argon gas
—->>> CREATES Frequency SIGNALS within a “NETWORK

it says that the mixed super alloys of copper (copper atoms or particles now?)

see Diagram 248 showing Air Lift force (for the CORE ENgine that levitates above the crystalline super lattice tetrahedron Y structure UFO engine design (whew! this gets complicated in wording…)

plasma flow forces?

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