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Diagram 253a WOW! Signal Hydrogen Helium Atoms Symmetry Charges Nuclear Binding Forces

February 8, 2016

Diagram 253a WOW! Signal Hydrogen Helium Atoms Symmetry Charges Nuclear Binding Forces
Diagram 253b WOW! Signal Electron Mass Proton Neutrons Quarks Nuclear Binding Forces

see Diagrams 253 a, b here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1 page 67, part II wow obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes.

Diagram 253 a, b are the Neutron’s by the wormhole’s ends pack together in zero mass, zero charge, negative mass density. ( this allows a traversable wormhole to open up from the UFO engine space ship, and close, split and then travel to another galaxy and reopen to allow the UFO space ship to pass through deep space from Earth to other Galaxies within minutes, seconds or hours depending on how many millions of light years you travel away from Earth. This is based on the “alien technology” ideas found in the WOW! alien radio signal 6EQUJ5 instructions.

Diagrams 240 to 253 show how the UFO CORE Engine works above the Crystalline super lattice walls of the Y UFO engine structure (two engines attach together and travel through space the CORE is the brain and the area where our human astronauts live, the Y structure is the working engine.)

In Diagram 252 it shows the Casimir forces in the Tetrahedron TRIangle Y Crystalline super lattice UFO engine design.
Diagram 253 expands the Helium, Hydrogen atoms instructions.

notes say
neutrons rim of a wormhole pack together creating NO 0 ZERO electric CHARGE

0 E- negative Electron packs closely with OHY Hydrogen Atom which has a O+P Positive PRoton inside of the Hydrogen Atom

so { O E- + [ O HY Hydrogen Atom + O+P Positive proton]}

atoms EQUAL amounts

Protons = Neutrons
= NO 0 ZERO CHARGE OR + Positive Charge or – Negative Charge

** needs NEUTRONS to CREATE strong NUclear FORCE to stick PROTONS together

particle on the RIGHT of the Hydrogen ATOM is a Helium ATOM

O HE Helium Atom

0 E Electron attaches to left side of O He Helium Atoms
the O He Atoms contains

OO 2 Protons OO 2 Neutrons

0 E Electron attaches to other SIDE of O He Helium Atom

to the O He Helium Atom and then this happens

O 1 Neutron v DOWN arrow to
000 3 Quarks vv 2 DOWN Quarks ^ 1 Up Quark

the O He Helium Atom
^ UP arrow no electron charge
0 ZERO CHARGE Strong Nuclear Force binds them together

see Diagram 254 gold, electron holes, vacuum, air fluid, crystals, tetrahedron triangle engine, hyperbole space pencil lasers diffract from obsidian mirrors onto cooled plasma tevatron energies rings, in liquid argon gas, inside a Higgs Electric Field in the Y crystalline Ufo engine design.

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