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Diagram 254 UFO Engine Alien Technology Lasers Communications 6EQUJ5 WORKS!

February 9, 2016

Diagram 254 UFO Engine Alien Technology Lasers Communications 6EQUJ5 WORKS!’

the idea girl says

So after blogging Diagram 254 I decide to see what the scientists have been updating.  Since my data is from 2012 in the idea girl says research videos!


Happy Dance!  Thank you for trying out the ideas, they WORKED!  I’ve found the DATA and calculations you need to build the UFO engine Quantum Particle Accelerator.  Most of it’s in ABSTRACTS that you have blogged.  Thanks for putting it up for me to find, and then I connect the data together to help you advance with “alien technology ideas”.

The alien radio signal WOW! 6EQUJ5 gave us binary codes, math algorithms, and answers to those equations led me to your scientific papers and experiment results.  I’ve pieced them together by following the instructions in the formula’s.  In 2015 I started to blog the Diagrams for those formula’s to show you HOW to build a UFO space ship Engine that has alien technology functions inside of it. (it’s amazing!)

Now as I blog the “keyword” formula’s (you were stumped, so was I until something told me “draw the words and connect them together like you did the 1’s in the WOW! signal.  IF you saw the first video where I find a mapping for Human DNA in the WOW! 6EQUJ5 Signal (Freaked me out!) and then it did a mapping of ALIEN DNA – I knew there was something unique about it.  It was in 1977, a few years after we sent out a message to contact alien life forms.

Not only do the formula’s make sense, were starting to experiment with these research ideas, and they are working.

First – the Higgs Boson Particle was discovered (the instructions to find it was in the WOW! alien radio signal research 2011, it was found around the same time I started to blog it.

There’s other things (lasers, communication signals) from the WOW! signal that worked.  Now we have super conducting lasers, communications being developed.

The UFO engine is for long distance travels into outer space where we fly millions of light years away in a matter of minutes, or hours with the aid of a “traversable wormhole” which is shown in the WOW! alien data formula’s.

So far I’ve video blogged over 2400 videos in 4 years, and the Diagrams 1 to 254.  There’s 1500 more to blog (diagrams based on 4 books of data and that’s only on page 1 of the keywords!).  This is so complicated, I have to take my time (i’m a human SNAIL lol) trying to figure out how to say it properly because it’s “alien technology” and I cannot look for it on GOOGLE because it doesn’t exist here on earth.

The science, test results do, which helps with the calculations and algorithms, and theories proven to work based on what the WOW! Signal 6EQUJ5 is teaching us to do…

see blog posts feb 9 2016 where the updated data is for 2014, 2015 and starting on 2016.

for GAAS and gold nano particles for the super conducting communications UFO engine signals.

I have an index  and a short explanation of what the Diagrams are for

from the WOW! alien radio signal Diagrams (based on the research videos LInes 1  – 27 the idea girl says youtube channel, formula’s here:


check out the videos, I have a playlist for the diagrams  and my music playlists (music to write, type and do research too ) here:

If you are involved in any type of scientific research please share this information with your colleagues.  I want your STUDENTS and RESEARCH TEAMS to “look outside of the box” of physics from the STANDARD MODEL.  It’s going to CHANGE drastically in the near future once they start to publish the 5 new higgs boson particles we will find (based on the WOW! signal, it shows us how to find them).


#prediction9feb2016 🙂



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