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Diagram 261 WOW! Signal Nano Meta Material Machines UFO GOLD Quantum Effects

February 16, 2016

Diagram 261 WOW! Signal Nano Meta Material Machines UFO GOLD Quantum Effects
there are two photos for Diagram 261 a, b, showing Quantum Effects, with the CORE Engine UFO Gold Sphere, using Casimir Force with it’s Nanomachines, meta materials formula to keep three space ships combined as ONE ship while it flies deep into outer space to other galaxies (using a traversable wormhole).

see Diagram 261 a,b here:

the idea girl says

there are two photos Diagrams 261 a, b for this part of the UFO engine design called:

Diagram 261a WOW! Signal Nano Meta Material Machines UFO GOLD Quantum Effects

Diagram 261b WOW! CORE UFO Engine Nanomachines Metamaterials Gold Casimir Quantum Force

blue book notes 1, page 71, part II wow obsidian mirrors formula search notesk pages 13, 14, 15, 16. there’s more notes for the meta materials, and formula keyword searches on my (to do list!).

Fundamental physics for Nanotechnology
formula notes says:

Google notes:
1 meta materials (word, formula in wow)
can reverse and control amount of Casimir Force experimental verification – Capasso’s Group Data that bizarre quantum effect,

page 14
formula notes says:
the Casimir force can manifest itself in its repulsive form, pivotal pi orbitals (p – orbitals), ultra cold rubidium atoms, fundamental physics for nanotechnology

Diagram 261 ((((O)))) a FIELD ? and then two meta materials on top of one another
like a division equation would be 1/2

<—– CAN reverse
Control AMOUNT of ———————–CASIMIR FORCE ____

see right of this
parallel plates, linear functions, ligands! generalized for raw materials, cross ref, meta stable, materials – wow
Evengy LIfshitz in 1956, Casimir’s predictions has been verified by 2014 many times now known as the Casimir -Lifshitz C-L Forces data continues next videos.

see Diagram 262 (extensive formula notes, instructions) Achromatic Meta surface Flat Lens (obsidian prism) colors, NODES wires structures.

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