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DARPA MILITARY Use GO Lens LASERs Break Higgs FIELD in Space Dark Matter Particles Fields

February 17, 2016

GO Lens graphene oxide ultrathin lenses 3D subwavelength focusing HIGGS transmission DARPA Military Hypersonic Technology Idea Girl

the idea girl says


look above at the diagrams of the GO Lens graphene oxide ultrathin lenses 3D subwavelength focusing

You can see the Lateral and 3D focal spot and then that keyword AXIAL with the Bessel Beams. combine this data with the other blog ideas for your laser beams to shoot off the front of your space ship to break the Higgs Field, and Dark Matter Particle’s Fields.

HIGGS transmission DARPA Military Hypersonic Technology Idea Girl


DARPA MILITARY Use GO Lens LASERs Break Higgs FIELD in Space Dark Matter Particles Fields


Figure 1: The design of the GO lens.
Highly efficient and ultra-broadband graphene oxide ultrathin lenses with three-dimensional subwavelength focusing
Xiaorui Zheng, Baohua Jia, Han Lin, Ling Qiu, Dan Li & Min Gu


(a) Conceptual design and laser fabrication of the GO ultrathin lens. (b) Amplitude and phase modulations provided by the transmission and refractive index difference, respectively, between the GO and rGO zones.


(c) Topographic profile of the GO lens measured with an optical profiler. (d) Left: Schematic of the wavefront manipulation by the GO lens converting the incident plane wave into a spherical wavefront.

Right: Intensity distributions of the 3D focal spot predicted by the analytical model for a GO lens (a1=1.8μm, N=3). (e,f) Theoretical focal intensity distributions in the lateral and axial directions. (g,h) Experimental focal intensity distributions along the lateral and axial directions.


The idea girl says

GRAPHITE LASERS.  Magnetic add a water vapour device to create a CLOUD (Cloud seeds?) in front of your space ship this will add another pressure balloon around your space ship pushing away the dark matter particles (they become heavier particles, as the higgs field becomes magnetized and makes the particles heavier with more mass, which is going to fluctuate your ship, and make it have flight anomalies.?

again if you zig zag through the fields, and go across the sound triangle waves, you will peak your energies and flight time will be less.

I think it will also create less stress tensors, apply cosmic string theory here.

quote wiki



A string is a geometrical deviation from Euclidean geometry in spacetime characterized by an angular deficit: a circle around the outside of a string would comprise a total angle less than 360°.

From the general theory of relativity such a geometrical defect must be in tension, and would be manifested by mass. Even though cosmic strings are thought to be extremely thin, they would have immense density, and so would represent significant gravitational wave sources. A cosmic string about a kilometer in length may be more massive than the Earth.

However general relativity predicts that the gravitational potential of a straight string vanishes: there is no gravitational force on static surrounding matter. The only gravitational effect of a straight cosmic string is a relative deflection of matter (or light) passing the string on opposite sides (a purely topological effect). A closed cosmic string gravitates in a more conventional way.


the idea girl says

“gravitational potential” – a straight string vanishes… no gravitational force.. your at rest mass of 0 which means you can float easier without friction, but if you rocket through it at 0 Zero mass, then nothing will hold you back.

zig zag can cut through any “cosmic string” and it’s densities, and gravitational wave sources.

Googled gravitational waves to see what they do

quote wiki

In Einstein’s theory of general relativity, gravity is treated as a phenomenon resulting from the curvature of spacetime. This curvature is caused by the presence of mass. Generally, the more mass that is contained within a given volume of space, the greater the curvature of spacetime will be at the boundary of this volume.[12]

As objects with mass move around in spacetime, the curvature changes to reflect the changed locations of those objects. In certain circumstances, accelerating objects generate changes in this curvature, which propagate outwards at the speed of light in a wave-like manner. These propagating phenomena are known as gravitational waves.

As a gravitational wave passes a distant observer, that observer will find spacetime distorted by the effects of strain. Distances between free objects increase and decrease rhythmically as the wave passes, at a frequency corresponding to that of the wave. This occurs despite such free objects never being subjected to an unbalanced force. The magnitude of this effect decreases inversely with distance from the source.

the idea girl says

(accelerating objects generate changes in this curvature – gravitational waves) are being formed as your space ship flies at MACH 20. So it’s like your flying into a batch of OCEAN WAVES which will make your space ship go up and down in anomalies flight patterns. (this is what comes to mind for you.)

googled for recent data on gravitational waves on earth and in space.










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