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Diagram 263 WOW! Signal Gold Beads Silica Weak Repulsive Forces

February 22, 2016

Diagram 263 WOW! Signal Gold Beads Silica Weak Repulsive Forces

see Diagram 263 here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, page 74 in section II of Wow Obsidian mirrors formula search page 14 notes continues. Diagram 263 continues from Diagrams 99 to 262 where it shows the instructions to build a quantum particle accelerator crystalline super lattice UFO Engine and a CORE Engine and Tetrahedron Crystals Engine – UFO space ship designs.

lots of notes from the Diagrams since number 240! WOW!

google Capasso’s Group
reverse and control amounts of Casimir Force (quantum levitation repels)
(march 10, 2015 notes)

see gold bead and silverene?

googled silverene


Silverene is a paint used in boiler rooms for high temperature work on steam ships.

CMP Nut CMP Nut is offline
Corporal – Windsor Ontario Canada.

As a former Marine Engineer in the Navy …we used “Silverene” paint for the boilers and hot surfaces….hot meaning over 1000 deg F. Again we painted it until it burned off and then we painted it again…LOL

Casimir effect – the attractive force between uncharged parrrallel metallic plates held close
together in a vacuum

quantum mechanical vacuum fluctuations
ie ZERO point energy of the ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD

changing the boundary conditions of the electromagnetic field

Federico Capasso

Robert L. Wallace Professor of Applied Physics and Vinton Hayes Senior Research Fellow in Electrical Engineering

Professor Capasso’s research cuts across several disciplines in basic physics, applied physics and engineering, which include optics, semiconductor physics, mesoscopic physics, solid-state electronics, optoelectronics and micromechanics.

A unifying theme of his research is the quantum design and study of new artificial materials and nanostructures with man-made electronic and optical properties, an approach that Professor Capasso pioneered and dubbed bandstructure engineering.

These structures are grown by thin film deposition techniques such as Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE). These studies include both the investigation of quantum effects in lower dimensionality systems and the invention of photonic and electronic devices in which quantum effects on a mesoscopic scale (a few to ~ 100 nm) play a dominant role.

another quote

Quantum force gets repulsive
Casimir–Lifshitz effect could help nanoengineers out of a sticky situation.

Katharine Sanderson

Tiny machines could benefit from a little repulsion.D. PARKER/SPL
A strange quantum force could be used to make tiny machine parts levitate in frictionless nanomachines of the future.

The Casimir effect describes the attraction that occurs between two parallel, uncharged metal plates held very close together in a vacuum. It has been a curiosity of quantum physics since it was postulated 60 years ago by Hendrik Casimir, a Dutch physicist.

Now, Federico Capasso of Harvard University and his co-workers have measured a repulsive version of the force, which Capasso says could allow tiny machines to be made so that their moving parts do not touch.

Diagram 263 notes
you can see a CIRCLE o this is small gold plated beads (quantum levitation)

O <— small gold plated beads
[ ] WEAK REPULSIVE FORCe (between the two)
|______________________| Thin sheet of Silica

O <— small gold plated beads
|__________________| thin sheet of SILICA
(can be glass) with clear quartz plates.

O small gold plated beads = 1/2 diameter of a human hair in size

notes say
Quantum Fluctuations
FEDERICO CAPPASSO's Group (see their data)

Artist’s rendition of how a repulsive quantum force between nanoscale objects can allow an object to become “bouyant” on a liquid less dense than itself
(Image: Jay Penni/Federico Capasso)
A quantum effect that causes objects to repel one another – first predicted almost 50 years ago – has at last been seen in the lab.

According to Harvard physicist Federico Capasso, a member of the group who measured the effect, it could be used to lubricate future nanomachines.

The team detected the weak repulsive force when they brought together a thin sheet of silica and a small gold-plated bead, about half the diameter of a human hair.

The force is an example of the Casimir effect, generated by all-pervasive quantum fluctuations.

"Silver ion-thin-layer chromatography precoated silica gel plates"

analyzing a compound, a scienties can figure out what makes up that compound.

( my thoughts Good for soil planetary experiments)


A Guide to the Practice of Analytical Silver Ion-thin-layer chromatography on Pre-coated Silica Gel Plates

Silver Ion Chromatography

Various sizes of glass, plastic and aluminium plates pre-coated with silica gel 60 for TLC are commercially available at present (indicated as “common” TLC plates by most of the providers)

Here we share our practice in the use of aluminium-backed pre-coated commercial plates for analytical Ag-TLC as applied to the analysis of FAME and TAG.

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