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Diagram 264 WOW! Signal Higgs Neutrinos Casimir Zero Mass Particle Charges

February 22, 2016

Diagram 264 WOW! Signal Higgs Neutrinos Casimir Zero Mass Particle Charges

see Diagram 264 here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, page 75, part II wow obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes page 14 continues.

(from page 72 notes = Diagram 264 continues from Diagrams 99 to 263 showing the different sections of three UFO engines that work together – crystals super lattice Engine, Tetrahedron crystals Engine and a levitating GOLD sphere CORE Engine (brains of the space ship designs).

OO Two particles (0) ZERO CHARGE (0) ZERO MASS

two uncharged particles without MASS

<——<——-<— CASIMIR

ADD O Ne Neutrinos to O HB Higgs Bosons

in a ( O HEF Higgs Electric Field <—O Ne + O HB –>in a  HEF Higgs Electric Field O )



(this is how you will USE the UFO space ship + Traversable wormhole as a powerful

super conductor not only to accelerate your space ship and travel to different galaxies, it also boosts and amplifies your FREQUENCY LASER BEAM Communications to EARTH from millions of light years away (Kepler22b planet regions).

quote wiki

conduction – heat energy is transmitted through collisions between neighboring molecules.


the FIRES heat in a fry pan causes molecules in the pan to VIBRATE Faster, making it hotter!

see Diagram 265 Thermal conduction, delimits, and atoms transfers internal energies to the UFO space ship’s molecules and atoms to create atomic laser beam powers, fuels, etc.





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