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Diagram 271 WOW! Signal Raether Limit Electrons Anode DC Voltage Gas Gain Equation Free Electrons

March 1, 2016

Diagram 271 WOW! Signal Raether Limit Electrons Anode DC Voltage Gas Gain Equation Free Electrons
see Diagram 271 here

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, page 77,78 wow obsidian mirrors formula search notes from Page 14. Diagram 271 continues the instructions from the previous diagrams about ionization events in the higgs electric field UFO engine quantum particle accelerator vacuum design notes.

In Diagram 270 it shows the Higgs Electric Field rotating clockwise, as a Free electron collides with a molecule, creating more energy and then releasing (emits) another free electron that will collide with another molecule and created an ionization impact in it’s next collision with a particle or molecule as it travels along the laser beam signals in the UFO engine design (inside the vacuum or another part of the engine it’s not quite clear in this diagram yet).

In Diagram 271 it has an equation.

the total # of E electrons –> Anode + D/C Voltage = # of collisions + single (initiating O FE Free electron? or it is supposed to be O FE free electron ionized? not sure cannot read my notes again!)

M < 10 to the power of 8 ax < 20

Raether limit – multiplication factor increase no limit X (^ UP ARROW) M or Gas Gain
GG in ionization avalanche process? (can't read the word sorry!)

just found MORE notes… on page 78 and further equations!

Page 14 notes, from Page 78 (wow obsidian mirrors formula notes part II)
google notes

M , 10 to the power of 8 ax charge amplification of ion pair currents, while maintaining localized avalanches.

Proportional counter? (cant read it)

quote wiki
the process of charge amplification
greatly impoves eht signal -to-noise ratio of the detector and reduces the subsequent electronic amplifications required (see page 76 diagram – avalanche (TOWNSEND avalanche sketch on Page 76.)

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