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Diagram 274 WOW! Signal UFO Quasi Crystal Research Notes

March 7, 2016

Diagram 274 WOW! Signal UFO Quasi Crystal Research Notes

see Diagram 274 here

the idea girl says

looking at data March 7, 2016 for the Quasi ID Structure google notes, I find that 2,000 years ago it was told by Archmedes about this particular type of crystal.

Now His notes and algorithms are ALSO included with the Alien Radio Signals WOW! 6EQUJ5 formulas for the UFO Engine designs. (three engines so far for ONE space ship).

A Quasi-quasicrystal
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Jules Mikhael and his colleagues didn’t set out to make a material with a structure that had never been seen before, much less one that combines order and irregularity in a whole new way, one that Archimedes hinted at 2,000 years ago, one bound together by the Fibonacci sequence. They just wanted to understand a quasicrystal.


The tile shapes within the quasicrystal combine and recombine, with one area perhaps looking similar to another but then skipping off in its own unique formation. This eternal irregularity also gives quasicrystals remarkable, intriguing properties. For example, they tend to be slippery like Teflon, and even when made from metals, they’re good insulators.


the idea girl says
in the formula the FIBONACCI sequence comes up with the creation of piezoelectric prisms, which are to be used in the crystal super lattice walls of the UFO engine.
so this is very interesting to see! and exciting!

amazing! this is why the crystal lattice is going to use crystal beads, and grains in the formula, so when you diffract the laser beams onto it from the obsidian mirrors which sit on the OUTSIDE AT EAST and WEST of the Y structure super lattice crystalline walls, it’s able to REARRANGE the crystals into Archmedes Patterns.

Add the rotating, spinning Higgs Electric Field, it magnetic field creates a super barrier to elements (thus creating a SHIELD of sorts?)


To simplify matters, the team set out to create a quasicrystal from micron-sized plastic beads called colloidal particles. This approach would make the chemistry simple. Furthermore, they’d be able to see the quasicrystal structure with a microscope. In metal alloys, the structure is so tiny — on the scale of atoms — that physicists have been stuck inferring the structure from X-ray diffraction techniques.

Colloidal particles are negatively charged, so when poured into a flat pan of water, they naturally form a grid of triangles as they try to get as far as possible from one another. This structure is like a crystal: repeating, perfectly orderly, rather dull.

Then the team switched on five lasers, arranged so that the light beams would interfere with one another and create a complex pattern with lots of five-fold symmetry. The plastic beads were attracted to the spots where the laser was most intense, creating the quasicrystal the team had been hoping for.
the idea girl says

so the laser beam guns you use for the crystal beads will probably be the electron ribbon pencil laser guns, because you can either focus on ONE section to change it’s shape, or you can open up the multi layers and restructure the space ship all at once into various shapes and sizes.

With the wormhole as your outside barrier, and if it can expand and contract Space, Time around the UFO space ship, then it can enlarge the amount of “space” it has to travel through which can push or pull apart the dark matter particles, thus creating a box, cube matrix around the ship so it can travel without any friction caused by space elements!

so now we can see how this would work in “human technology ideas” instead of the confusion we have had from the “alien technology”

so now the Fibonacci algorithms and math equations which are over 3,000 to 10,000 years old, would make sense. You would have those algorithms in your CORE Engine’s super computer brain and it would change the dimensions from 2nd, 3rd, up to 5th or higher (five axial forces will generate a 5th dimension – which sorry at this point in time in 2016 I still dont understand what it is…)

They tried lowering the intensity of the lasers. When the lasers were very low, the beads ignored the lasers entirely and formed a triangular grid. But at an intermediate stage, the beads formed a pattern very close to an Archimedean tiling, one of the repeating patterns that had long been believed to be the only type possible. The beads formed rows of repeating triangles or repeating squares, but the rows didn’t alternate evenly the way they would in an ordinary Archimedean tiling. Like a quasicrystal, they formed an overall pattern that never repeated.

But that isn’t to say that there was no order. The pattern of triangular rows and square rows, the team realized, was derived from another ancient piece of mathematics: the Fibonacci sequence. This is the sequence that begins 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 … , with each subsequent number being the sum of the previous two.

The poor beads, the team deduced, were torn in their loyalties, repelled from one another but also attracted to the intense laser spots. So they had split the difference. The irregular pattern in the vertical direction made the beads line up as close as possible to the quasicrystalline shape the laser beams demanded, while the repeating horizontal patterns aligned them as close as possible to the grid pattern their mutual repulsion pushed them toward.

“We are absolutely sure that this structure should have properties that are not usual,” Mikhael says, because materials with odd structures almost always do. Now they just have to figure out what those properties are.

the idea girl says
sorry to take up so many quotes. I’m going to upload the diagrams onto the alien space science news photos wordpress blog and link it to this blog link so you can look at it.

the WOW! Signal has the FORMULA you are looking for scientists!

Now those pictures of triangles and squares make some sense!

See Diagrams 1 to 272 to find them. Sorry not exactly SURE where they are.

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