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Diagram 275 WOW! Signal Higgs Neutrinos Electrons Ballistic Meissner Conductors Quasi Crystals

March 7, 2016

Diagram 275 WOW! Signal Higgs Neutrinos Electrons Ballistic Meissner Conductors Quasi Crystals. Diagram 275, continues the instructions for Ballistic conductors from Diagrams 273, and 274.

see Diagram 275 here:

the idea girl says

Diagram 275 WOW! Signal Higgs Neutrinos Electrons Ballistic Meissner Conductors Quasi Crystals

blue book 1, page 80, 81 part II wow obsidian mirrors formula notes

Diagram 275, continues from Diagrams 273, 274, in the instructions for Ballistic Conductors to create a super conducting particles in the UFO engine’s design.

Diagram 275

long ^^^^ up arrow pointing to Diagram 274 where you see left, up, down, right arrows, adding extreme sizes of mass to quasi particles (extends from Phonons), signals from electron holes (laser beams?) embedded in the crystal lattice Y UFO engine structure.

In Diagram 275

(((((o)))))) Particle collisions? Meissner EFFECTs

Metals (((((o))))) to materials alloys (current continues?)

(Higgs, Neutrinos, Electrons)

Ballistic conductor

V down arrow CREATES V down arrows

Super conductor  (current continues to flow in a Quasi ID Structure?)


||||||| lines up (looks like a SUN?)



see page 82 notes for quasi id structure. Diagrams 278 – 282 are on page 82 notes)

(not yet blogged – march 7, 2016)


Page 81 notes. ( page 18 continues)

(draw ballistic conduction see page 79 notes (continues)

creates super conductivity with Meissner effect in particles,material (metal, super alloys ) —> (does this creates a ballistic conductor driving force) – gauge bosons, charged propelling particles (electrons, protons etc)

creates a super conductor current that continues to FLOW creating a QUASI ID STRUCTURE (particle alignment?) into CARBON NANOTUBES embedded with SILICON NANOWIRES

creates EXTREME SIZE quanitization effects (adds mass + m +m +m)

(pi orbitals, ^ up arrow, positive, v down arrow negative mass, particle charges? or changes?) not sure what notes say!

on materials (metals, super alloys)

creates Ballistic conduction in the ELECTRON holes (of the super lattice)

projected Phonons?

that collide TOWARDS (extended to other Quasi particles,

(domino effect, created ^ up arrow positive -negative charged particles)

these are the research notes for Diagrams 273, 274, and 275.

see Diagram 276

which continues the instructions for the ballistic conductors – super conductors particles, laser beam signals.

Transport electrons in a medium – electrical scattering, light sound moving particles, electrical resistivity (Diagram 277) materials, metals, super alloys layers and charge instructions continue this UFO engine’s design instructions.


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