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Diagram 276 WOW! Signal Electron Ballistic Transport Scattering Light Atoms Molecules Particles

March 8, 2016

Diagram 276 WOW! Signal Electron Ballistic Transport Scattering Light Atoms Molecules Particles. two photos a,b

see Diagrams 276a, 276b here

the idea girl says

Diagram 276b WOW! Signal Electron Ballistic Transport Scattering Light Atoms Molecules Particles

blue book 1, page 81, from page 18 wow obsidian mirrors formula search notes.

In Diagram 275 we saw how ballistic conductors with a super conductor in the UFO engine crystalline super lattice design works with quasi crystals and laser beams.

Diagram 276 continues with instructions, as well as Diagram 277, to 282 on page 82.

Ballistic conduction
the rest of the formula
see legend in page 80s drawings.
Diagrams 273 – 275.

[]—-> Transport of electrons O E
in a medium [ OE]
having insignificant electrical resistivity caused by scattering

v down arrow to Diagram 277 (electrical resistivity shown)

to the RIGHT of box of transport medium of electrons

scattering —>>> particle +/- Particle o0o00 collisions

molecules, atoms, electrons, photons and other particles

radiation, light, sound, moving particles

v down arrow (showing below the medium they pass through [ ]

O E = Electron particle passing through medium V down arrow (below)

[ ] —> ^ up arrow NNE direction (laser beam pulse #1)
[ ]
[ ]
O E[->]–> O E –>>——> linear middle path of medium (laser beam pulse #3)
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]—> v down arrow SSE direction (laser beam pulse #2)

laser beam pulse #1 = are forces to deviate firing pulses #1 and #2 (above)

laser beam pulse from a straight trajectory (firing pulse #3) (above)

be one or more paths due to

electrodes in an electrolyte? (not sure if this is with diagram 276 or diagram 277.

see Diagram 277 for electrical resistivity, materials, metals, super alloys, +/- charges, flow in an electric current, moving electrons in a wire or ions in an electrolyte inside the area of the UFO engine where Ballistic Conduction, that creates a super conductor with Higgs Bosons, Neutrinos and Electrons in the crystal super lattice walls combined with laser beam signals passing with the particles through ELECTRON HOLES in the lattice Y crystalline structure UFO engine (there are three UFO engine designs so far as of march 8, 2016 in the formulas for the wow obsidian mirrors research formula notes instructions.)

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