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Diagram 286 WOW! Signal Fluid Vortex Flow Rotating Curved Axis UFO Flight Patterns

April 1, 2016

Diagram 286 WOW! Signal Fluid Vortex Flow Rotating Curved Axis UFO Flight Patternsalso see Diagrams 284, 285 first with instructions on flight patterns in outerspace to go N, S, E, W with the crystalline super lattice UFO engine design.

see Diagram 286 here:

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, page 84, wow obsidian mirrors formula keyword search page 20.

In Diagram 284 you see isotropic interactions with same measurements on the axes in same directions. In Diagram 285 ioins, positive electrons, missing electrons and extra electrons are used with a negative charge to accelerate or decelerate the UFO crystalline super lattice engine designs, velocity.

In Diagram 286

you see the CUBE matrix with an Y and X axis and a spinning vortex to the RIGHT side of the AXIS.

Y (axis)

[   |            *                    *      ]

[   |                *             *         ]  <—- VORTEX is rotating

[   |                     *       *          ]

[   |——-X axis—–| ] spinning VORTEX *   * — axis LINE (X) and  [ | axis Line (Y)

[   |                                          ]

[   |                                          ]  { medium} = []


B (0) ZERO Net magnetizations

^ Up arrow [_________________] base of Medium (above [  |          ] ^ Up arrow

shows directions up on W and E corners of the Medium with the spinning vortex on the EAST side of the middle Y axis median line.


is a region, in a fluid MEDIUM

in which the FLOW

is mostly ** Rotating**

on an AXIS Line

the VORTICAL flow that occurs

either on a straight axis |—————|

or a CURVED axis V^v^v^ >


Y axis

|                /

|          / < — curved AXIS

|    /

x————–X axis |——————x

/      |

Curved axis –>/                |

/                        |

/                             Y axis

/ = no finite REGION                               ^ up arrow NO BOUNDARIES


see Diagram 287 notes

B(0) ZERO = Net Magnetization

quote wiki

results from the response of a material (metal, super alloys – these would be on the exterior of the UFO space ship) to an external magnetic field (Higgs Electric Field is being created by the UFO crystalline super lattice engine’s design. it spins on the outside of the engine and around the UFO space ship as it flies through space or through a wormhole created by the space ship – see earlier formula’s diagram instructions Diagrams 1 to 286).

the idea girl says

page 85 notes continues the instructions for UFO flight patterns in deep space travel.Diagram 286 continues in Diagram 287, 288 , 289 Meissner effects, super conductor, Higgs Electric Field changes the NET charge of it’s objects with the UFO engine design, and how metal, super alloys are going to become B (0) Zero – Net Magnetization, as the materials on the outside exterior of the UFO space ship change shapes, magnetic flux is expelled with electrons in the Ionized particles created and this space ship design adds quantum FLUX not only to the inside colliding particles with Higgs Bosons, Neutrinos, Atomic Energies. The outside particles of  the UFO engine’s space ships design ideas are also modified.

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