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Diagram 293 WOW! Signal Higgs RF Frequency Laser Beams Protons UFO VAcuum Recycles Everlasting Fuel Formula.

April 13, 2016

Diagram 293 WOW! Signal Higgs RF Frequency Laser Beams Protons UFO VAcuum Recycles Everlasting Fuel Formula. See Diagram 292 and earlier notes from Diagrams 240 to 293 that show how the Higgs Boson particle separate into 5 new boson particles, and when we collide them , add them to spinning proton rings, and collide with certain particle formula’s in the UFO crystal engine vacuum design we will amplify our RF frequencies to greater that 1428 mhz to communicate from the kepler planetary region which is over 17 million light years away with EARTH in a matter of seconds or minutes.

See Diagram 293 here:

the idea girl says

Diagram 293 WOW! Signal Higgs RF Frequency Laser Beams Protons UFO VAcuum Recycles Everlasting Fuel Formula.

blue book notes 1, page 87, Part II wow obsidian mirrors formula page 21 notes.

Diagram 292 shows how Magic Angle Spinning creates a NET force of (0) zero in the Higgs Boson particles and Higgs Electric Field generated by the NODES wires that levitate, turning from semi conductors to super conductors in the UFO vacuum crystalline super lattice walls design.

Formula notes Diagram 292

magic angle spinning, crystal lattice, mesh, electron hole energy forces, blue visible lights, rotating, high frequency, RF > 1428 mhz, hydrogren line storage, Diagram 293 formula notes:

rings (proton rings), vacuum, tunnel, frequency, electron pencil ribbon laser beams, diffraction, colliding, recycling fuel formula’s, LInes 20 – 22 WOW! signal research data cross reference inside, electric higgs magnetic field.

Diagram 293

(, O ,)  = HEF (Higgs Electric Field) spinning (, counter clock wise,) clock wise


^ RF Frequency goes up the middle of the Vacuum UFO engine design between the two super crystalline lattice walls of the Y structure UFO engine design (now we have 3 UFO engine designs combined into ONE space ship!)


the o proton rings follow the Higgs Electric fields (spinning path in a big circle that rotates either to the left or right or counter clockwise and clockwise in direction.)

in the middle of the V we see the vacuum (ufo engine centre portion) where colliding particle mixtures with higgs boson particles, and then another arrow points to same section and it says that recyling fuel formula’s is generated by this net force too.

^  RF frequency up arrow goes above the rotating HEF and spinning proton rings


below the Vacuum UFO engine is a vacuum tunnel which shows the RF frequency going through the middle of it (generated by laser beam signals)




_ O____ base of RF frequency is generated here.?

on the D side of the obsidian mirrors Left side of the UFO crystalline super lattice WALL #1 it shows an electron pencil ribbon laser beam firing in to the crystal lattice and directly into the colliding particles inside of the UFO vacuum design.


O OM obsidian mirrors —> ___> create Diffractions from the electron pencil ribbon laser beams, (five axial forces comes into play here in the FIRING pulse sequence of the lasers (so far we have 3 different types of lasers named in the UFO engine’s design, see earlier diagrams).


google notes

Lines 20 – 22 search formula’s (on my to do list!_

1 recycling fuel formula’s

2 inside electric higgs magnetic field

page 2 of previous search keywords.

see Diagram 294 for RF frequency Transport equations axis is PI, rotation is tilted, magic angle is (0) net force (zero) – spinning O M (mas + R?) = Quantum Forces

NASA NMR 1971 is listed.



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