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Diagram 300 Cross REFERENCE INDEx of the idea girl says youtube research alien radio signal WOW! 6EQUJ5 Video List

April 27, 2016

the idea girl says

Diagram 300 WOW! Signal is quite something else!

It has over 13 video cross references for the Higgs Boson UFO Engine Design that can create one super particle which can hold both NEgative and positive charges into ONE particle.

There is a sequence of 5 UFO engines in this design, based on Diagrams 1 to 300.

The research video Index is blogged on April 27,2016.

I have to finish blogging the formula’s NOTES, instructions and several diagrams that are connected and then I’ll backtrack and add the video research WOW Signal 6EQUJ5 data!


to be continued after april 27 2016

and added to the Main index for the wow diagrams.

see index and note summary for what is happening with Diagram 300 WOW! Signal formula instructions.

I made a static page to keep track of it!

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