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May 2, 2016


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quote yt notes
Math Equation: 14 1 113 2 1
1420.40575177 MHz. hydrogen line

UFO ENGINE Components to TEST: Neutrinos, Relativistic Jet Particles and Beaming

Line 17e Leonhard Euler’s Formula Polarization Starlight Almagest WOW SETI


Line 17t2 BOTDA Fiber Optics Fournier Sinusoid Molecular Vibration Superlumincal Energy Transport WOW SETI

Line 17t3 Electromagnetic Solitons CERN Boffins Neutrinos Brillouin Proton Pulses WOW SETI

Line 17t4a UFO Alien Contact Equation Given Jan 22, 2012 Velocity My Thoughts WOW SETI

Line 17t4b Alien Contact Travel Black Hole Universe UFO Velocity Equation WOW SETI

Jan 21, 2012 842 pm est

My thoughts continued from Line 17e.

This was originally part of Line 17e and then I kept searching things on GOOGLE and got loads more data coming up. So I’ve added “Line 17t” instead of Line 17e2 less confusing that way.

It’s going to be a long one…
Jan 21 2012 7 22 pm est

I’m no Physicist.

I just had an idea come to mind and I don’t know if you will think it possible or plausible but that’s what’s so much fun here.

I know NOTHING. So if I come up with SOMETHING then obviously the MAYA are sharing their ALIEN Technology with us right?

That’s the way I see it. 🙂

So what would happen with the above graph y + e ( x to the power) (sorry don’t know how to write it out yet.. i’ll learn *wink*

Make “x “a neutrino (to the power of e which is thermal radiation – Relativistic Jet

Y = Velocity

E = thermal radiation as seen in relativistic jet particles (powered particles found in black holes)

Just some thoughts not sure if that’s possible.

You got to try it and see.

Don’t theorize anything.

From what I can see technology and knowledge change from the results of “out of the box” experiments that men and women come up with over the centuries.

If we can get the neutrino to travel faster than the speed of light from CERN to San Grasso using OPERA then we should be able to build an UFO engine that does the exact same thing.

Maybe the Universe’s message from this “Neutrino CERN OPERA RESULT” was so that you know that you can scientifically do it.

Sure it’s not perfected, but hey, it’s only been a few months since you started testing. I’m sure as you go along (I read that the second test results did better with shorter pulses)

(another thought here, we had short pulses come up on here with neutrinos… Gotta look for a second) And this WOW SETI ALIEN VIDEO series is the means to pull all the data from each video and put it together to see what you come up with.

You need to build a computer program that has all these mathematical equations in them.

Then try the different components and let the computer do all the work.

Results should be shown in numerical logarithms, graphs and charts for studying and reporting.

Not only should you used well educated men and women, you should invite your newest students to join in with the data and see if they can add something of value to it.

Using a ultra-high-energy beam of atoms or electrons (from your particle beam weapon)

create an impact of a high energy particle beam on the neutrino particles adding the thermal distribution function

GOOGLE SEARCH: Jan 21 2012

relativistic plasmas high temperature velocity
Jan 21, 2012 740 pm est

Doing some research on Relativistic Jet’s to see what particles are in them So what if you can travel along these lengths of light at maximum speed would it allow you to transfer from one side of the universe to another side in record time?


What relativistic effects are happening to the matter to make it move close to the speed of light?

Create this same effect of matter in a UFO Engine to make it travel faster than the speed of light.

You have done a test where you take particles from the CENTER and have them go in two different directions?

Did you do this with the Neutrino (protons, atoms and ? Particles) mixed in with this what happens?My Thoughts Continued:

At CERN the Neutrino’s left a slower tail from what I gathered in the bloggers notes on the subject.

So you need to find a way to bring that tail in accordance with the actual Neutrino particle so that there is no dragging from the matter, friction or heating of the particle. ( i don’t think this particle heats up based on what i’ve read but don’t quote me on that. I could have it mixed up with something else.)

The neutrino’s elements allow it to pass through anything, nothing can hold it back?

The idea is:
You need something to power it from behind, compressed as a gas to build longevity?

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