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Diagram 300 WOW! Line 17t3 Electromagnetic Solitons CERN Boffins Neutrinos Brillouin Proton Pulses WOW SETI

May 2, 2016

Diagram 300 WOW! Line 17t3 Electromagnetic Solitons CERN Boffins Neutrinos Brillouin Proton Pulses WOW SETI

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quote yt notes

Math Equation: 14 1 113 2 1
1420.40575177 MHz. hydrogen line

UFO ENGINE Components to TEST: Neutrinos, Relativistic Jet Particles and Beaming

Line 17e Leonhard Euler’s Formula Polarization Starlight Almagest WOW SETI


Line 17t2 BOTDA Fiber Optics Fournier Sinusoid Molecular Vibration Superlumincal Energy Transport WOW SETI

Line 17t3 Electromagnetic Solitons CERN Boffins Neutrinos Brillouin Proton Pulses WOW SETI

Line 17t4a UFO Alien Contact Equation Given Jan 22, 2012 Velocity My Thoughts WOW SETI

Line 17t4b Alien Contact Travel Black Hole Universe UFO Velocity Equation WOW SETI


Electromagnetic solitons in fully relativistic electron-positron plasmas with finite temperature
Nam C. Lee – 3 March 2011

Department of Physics, Pusan National University, Busan 609-735, Korea

My Thoughts Continued:

So you want to use Electromagnetic solitons because they can work at “high” temperatures.

Jan 25, 2012. 12 25 pm est

My thoughts continued – I did research on this over several days.

The term “pulsating stimulated Brillouin scattering” these words stands out to me for some reason.

I read that they use “pulses” with their Neutrino testing from CERN to GRAN SASSO.

pulses used with neutrino CERN test and the data on the right comes up.
“CERN boffins re running neutrino speed test.

“proton pulse”

Quote from DATA on right:

“They used 10 microsecond bursts of protons at CERN to generate the..”

My Thoughts Continued:

At CERN you used Shorter Pulses in test #2 in January 2012 with better results from the Neutrinos. So I am assuming that either it’s faster or the exact same rate of speed.

Have you tried this method that I found during my GOOGLE search on this luli polytechnique pdf file (link above)

GOOGLE “pulsating stimulated Brillouin scattering”

New test from 27 September 2010, New version 10 Feb 2011 from Spain comes up.


Pulsing the Probe Wave to Reduce Nonlocal Effects in Brillouin Optical Time-Domain Analysis (BOTDA) Sensors
Jan 25 2012 12 40 pm est (this is in relation to all the NEW data that came up today)

In Conclusion for Line 17t

My thoughts continued from new data found on “Boffins” and “proton pulse” google searching.

It looks like they are currently working on a new type of data transfer rate with these boffins because it refers to them being used in faster computers. Wouldn’t that be nice? I bought the fastest computer and I still find it’s too slow for me. I like to do tons of things at once. I get bored easily so I’m always switching gears from one task to another on my computer. I get frustrated with how long it takes to find stuff on it.

It would be nice if they could create a search tool on the computer that comes up with one note to look at all notations, not just the stuff we type but the stuff we copy and paste. We still don’t have that function on our computers or on the google searching.

I didn’t notice it until I started working on all this WOW signal data stuff.

The good thing is each test that I find, there’s more things we learn. Now it looks like other companies are check out this neutrino problem and trying to solve it from different countries.

Each fascility tends to add new ideas and test results with even more surprising data. Talk about 2012 being the age of enlightenment? I’m beginning to believe the Mayan Prophecies are definitely coming true.

It’s like back in the early 1900s. Thousands of patents and inventions were discovered. I think 2012 will be the same thing, a new era in technology. If we can tap into this “alien” technology that is far above are own, our time lines would be shortened. When I read that it’s taken us 30 years to develop something or learn about it and it’s costs us millions and billions of dollars I’m thinking what a waste of brain power.

Surely with our brains we can find out more things much faster. They say we only use 10% of our brain matter. Why aren’t we trying to figure out how to use the other 90%. It might help us find our answers quickly and save us oodles of dollars in the long run…
Natural Logarithm

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