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Diagram 300 WOW! Signal Page 93 Formula Notes Continue Xenon Xray Laser Beams

May 2, 2016

Diagram 300 WOW! Signal Page 93 Formula Notes Continue Xenon Xray Laser Beams

see Diagram 300 here (2nd post, see page 92 notes. april 27 ,2016)

blogged May 2, 2016)

the idea girl says

Page 26, 27, blue book notes 1 wow obsidian mirrors formula search notes on page 93 for Diagram 300 WOW! signal

Dec 2012 –

Xenon X ray Laser Beam technology makes a break through and magnets are used to create anti-matter, all formula’s for these things are found in Line 22’s data WOW! let’s look at your Fowler-Nordhein Equation from WIKI formula of ideas to add to your “Fowler-Nordhein equation” that come to mind.

from the universe (AIRL)

J = JOULE from 6EQUJ5 alien WOW! signal)

E = (thoughts) see 6EQUJ5 breakdown in cross reference to add to this equation.

A= five axial forces + new boon’s from Higgs mass particle test results found in the WOW! alien radio signal formula’s in Line 22,s data.

page 27 B = Weak bosons Z and W


E= is electron use a neutrino that spins and collides into a neutron, create symmetry with fermions 1/3 spin

leptons 2/3 spin with 2/3 spin power to them

BFN- -W + -Z bosons, Fermions , neutrons split, quasi particle, liquid argon gas, cooled plasma laser beam, x rays , microwaves, laser beam inventions (turbine in earlier videos before Line 222 (lintes 15 to 20)

jan 2,2 013

my thoughts

look at the tunneling current equation of Jn=qvrn etc.




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