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Diagram 309 WOW! Signal UFO Engine Proton Hydrogen STorage Formula

May 9, 2016

Diagram 309 WOW! Signal UFO Engine Proton Hydrogen STorage Formula
see Diagram 309 here:

the idea girl says
continues from Diagram 307 hydrogen storage UFO engine compartment. Diagram 308 shows a catalyst will fire from both sides of the crystalline super lattice walls (at the top of them and it will create a chemical reaction in the middle of the UFO vacuum engine design.)
In Diagram 309 we see the y crystalline super lattice two walls, an upright tetrahedron crystal triangle engine in between them and the circle at the top is the CORE engine and the base is a rectangular engine which we haven’t covered yet in Diagrams 1 to 309.

notes say
SAME idea
CHANGES PROTONS into electricity into HYDROGEN STORAGE Formula.

my thoughts May 9 2016

there is a spinning ring of proton rings TEVATRON energies? maybe this will generate the “electricity” it’s talking about here.

see page 97 diagram 310 – electrically conductive fibers, carbon paper supports the catalysts from Diagram 309 – hydrogen storage pressures in NANOTUBES.
Diagram 311 transports the GASES from the hydrogen storage unit photovoltaics, converting solar energies in the UFO engine’s design.
there’s several more videos to blog for Diagram 307 hydrogen storage unit for the UFO engine so I’m going to do more now before blogging Diagram 310.

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