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Diagram 317 WOW! Signal 3 Dimension Space Cartesian Coordinate System Euclidean R3

May 16, 2016

Diagram 317 WOW! Signal 3 Dimension Space Cartesian Coordinate System Euclidean R3
see Diagram 317 here:

the idea girl says

Diagram 317 WOW! Signal 3 Dimension Space Cartesian Coordinate System Euclidean R3

blue book notes 1, page 99, wow obsidian mirrors formula keyword search notes page 27 continues with Diagram 317 (see Diagrams 99 to 316 for the UFO engine component instructions)
march 16 , 2015 notes

you see a Z axis going North up arrows
Y axis to the RIGHT at a horizontal axis showing a dot with a Z coordinate
above the y axis and a dox for the x coordinate below the y axis
than you see x axis going down arrow SSW direction and a dotted line
showing Y co ordinate to Z and X
three dimensional cartesian co ordinate system is used in the flight of the UFO engine design.
three dimension euclidean space = R to the power of 3 (now R came up in the ALIEN’s math equation for velocity and speed while travelling through a traversible wormhole in deep space.
Neutrino Laser Beams – encoded messages FERMI LAB CERN
no radio waves or optical signals used.

this is the link here

A team of physicists encoded a short string of letters on a beam of neutrinos at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Ill., and sent the message to a detector more than a kilometer away. On the journey the neutrinos passed through 240 meters of solid rock, mostly shale. What was the word they transmitted in the preliminary demonstration? “Neutrino.” The experiment is described in a paper posted to the physics preprint server

Neutrinos have been proposed for a variety of communication scenarios in which radio waves or optical signals fall short. Neutrinos rarely interact with ordinary matter, and they easily pass through solids that would screen out most other particles. So neutrino beams could be used to send messages through the Earth, or to communicate with a planetary rover parked on the far side of Mars, out of radio contact.

But the very slipperiness that makes neutrinos so intriguing for communication also makes them incredibly hard to use. Almost all of the neutrinos in a beam zip right through even the largest detectors. In the Fermilab experiment, the physicists fired a proton beam into a carbon target to produce a shower of particles called pions and kaons that quickly decay into neutrinos. For every pulse of 22.5 trillion protons, the physicists registered an average of 0.81 neutrino with the 170-ton MINERvA detector.

john matson march 16, 2012
notes on page 99

see Diagram 318 for the neutrino laser beam protons carbon target, decay to neutrinos while carrying “messages” in the UFO engine’s communications transmitter design.
Diagram 319 shows bits of ASCII code using series of on, off laser pulses to communicate digitally (MINERVA detector is mentioned)
synchronize the signal transmissions.

notes on page 100
Diagram 320 Qudrupole magnets used to expand the field and dipole moments of ATOMS , used in neutrino particle beam focus in the UFO engine’s design.
Diagram 321 on page 101
photon transport energies in the spinning higgs electric field generated by the NODES, Folwer-Nordhein Tunneling, emitting electrons from a super conductor in the UFO engine’s designs.

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