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Diagram 321 WOW! Signal Higgs Photon Transport Energy Fowler – Nordhein Tunneling

May 17, 2016

Diagram 321 WOW! Signal Higgs Photon Transport Energy Fowler – Nordhein Tunneling

see Diagram 321 here:

the idea girl says

Diagram 321 WOW! Signal Higgs Photon Transport Energy Fowler – Nordhein Tunneling

blue book notes 1, page 101, wow obsidian mirrors formula search page 27 notes continues dated march 16, 2015. Part II obsidian mirrors. formula notes continues

notes say

Field emission (higgs field, photon transport energy, rotation of UFO space ship) = force field.

FOWLER NORDHEIN Tunnelling, electrons, tunnel barrier (dark matter particles, orbit rings, minkowski space, higgs electric field, sun solar panels, higgs field, dark matter energy generated with electrical laser pulses by beams from fiber optic wires that connect with obsidian mirrors on the inside of the rotating shell and outside of the core of the UFO space ship (alien technology from AIRL).

Diagram 321


you see a rotating spinning circle going clockwise this is the HEF Higgs Electric Field

which surrounds a plate which is a conductor with two wires protruding from it, and electrons attached to the ends of it.

there’s a arrow —-> going from the LEFT outer side of the spinning HEF and passing through the wires, electrons between them and the conductor and then it emits out the RIGHT side outside of the spinning HEF Higgs Electric Field which is named PHOTON TRANSPORT ENERGY

then an arrow points ^ up from the rotating UFO rotation of UFO space ship and it creates a = FORCE FIELD

with a S in it?

Fowler Nordhein Tunneling occurs below the UFO space ship (generated from the UFO vacuum engine and the traversible wormholes that it’s creating as it travels deep in outer space.



the emission of electrons (field tunneling)

from the surface of a CONDUCTOR

caused by a strong electric field






In quantum mechanics, the passing of a particle through a seemingly impenetrable barrier without a cause that is explainable by classical physics.
a quantum-mechanical process, forbidden in classical mechanics, in which an atomic particle passes throughregion where its potential energy is higher than its total energy. Also, esp. Brit.,tun′nel•ling. Also called tun′nel effect`.

quote wiki

electrons tunnel barrier – Quantum Tunneling

a particle tunnels through a barrier (metal conductor – in the UFO space crystalline engine design?) that it classically could NOT surmount (nuclear fusion in SUN)

page 102

see Diagram 322 for quantum tunnel diagram – high and low amplitude with positive and negative forces, barrier, soundwaves,  (communications laser beam pulses for the UFO space ship transmitter instructions)

Diagram 323 Dark Matter particles, does not emit or absorb light from Sun or any other electronic radiation

Diagram 324 Orbital ring, maglevtrain, elevator, space elevator concept in earth’s low orbit to above orbital speed.

Diagram 325 gravitaionally curved path of an object in orbit around a point in space.

Diagram 326 travity well field surrounds a body in space.

Diagram 327 Minkowsi Space, sun solar panels on UFO space ship

Diagram 328 semi conducting NODES wires on UFO crystalline engine design, rotating higgs electric field, obsidian mirrors, dark matter is generated with electrical laser beam pulses from the UFO engine’s designs.


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