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Diagram 329 WOW! Line 22 7b97z103c Higgs Field Graphite Flux Harmonic Atoms Proton Particles Formula WOW SETI

May 24, 2016

Diagram 329 WOW! Line 22 7b97z103c Higgs Field Graphite Flux Harmonic Atoms Proton Particles Formula WOW SETI

129 views may 24 2016

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Wow SETI 1977 radio signal alien
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Flux electric higgs field graphite films laser beams UFO space travel ideas for the CORE wires engine found in line 22 wow data . 103 is divided into a, b, c Formula continues from previous video 103a.-i
21 July 2013

Previous video:
Line 22 7b97z103b Dielectric Polarization Higgs Electric Field Harmonic Oscillating FORMULA WOW SETI

Quote wiki

The electric field and polarization densities are

and the polarization per atom with n electrons is

The force F of the oscillating electric field causes the electrons with charge e and mass m to accelerate with an acceleration a

which, after substitution of E, P and x, yields an harmonic oscillator equation.

23 oct 2013

Formula from data:

Higgs electric field + polarization densities + equations +

Polarization + per + atom + with + n + electrons + is
P = – nex

Force + F + Flux + Graphite film solid + oscillating + higgs electric field + causes +

Electrons + with + charge + e+ and+ mass+ m + to + accelerate+

With an acceleration of:

F = eE = ma = m * d2x/dt2

After + substitution + of + E+ P + x+ yields+ an + harmonic + oscillator+ equation +

Keyword Google
harmonic oscillator equation

Quote diagrams wiki:

It consists of a mass m, which experiences a single force, F, which pulls the mass in the direction of the point x=0 and depends only on the mass’s position x and a constant k.

Balance of forces (Newton’s second law) for the system is

Solving this differential equation, we find that the motion is described by the function
Simple harmonic motion
Dependence of the system behavior on the value of the damping ratio ζ 23 oct 2013

My thoughts on dependence of the system behavior value diagram above:

See the damping ratio ζ it shows = 0.0

It’s the symbol for zero!

Which is the
Mayan equation = 5.8783279E6

Cross ref at line 22 for Maya symbol for zero and this video title from the idea girl says youtube channel comes up:

Kepler22b The Symbol for Zero Mayas Babylonian Calendar Alien Message Meditation 5.8783279E6

The Mayan’s count on a scale of 20?

Googled it and found cross ref (at line 22) video titled on my – the idea girl says youtube channel:

Solar Corona Source Light Heat Atmosphere Gas NSDO Emerald Tablet

Quotes diagram wiki:
Step-response of a damped harmonic oscillator; curves are plotted for three values of μ = ω1 = ω0√1−ζ2. Time is in units of the decay timeτ = 1/(ζω0).

My thoughts

The blue line in the diagram above looks like a continuous HIGGS boson pulsing signal – the mountain peaks of energy! What is Behavior value of damping ratio?

23 Oct 2013

My thoughts in formula from step response damped harmonic oscillator curve diagram above:

Damped harmonic oscillator + large curve navy blue + higgs boson signals + create + electric field + hall effect + bouncing + laser beam + proton energy particles + between + two + space lattice + super lattice + electron hole mesh structures

23 oct 2013

Formula and data continues in next few videos

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