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Diagram 330 WOW! Signal Polarization Density Algebra Higgs Electric Field Equations

May 25, 2016

Diagram 330 WOW! Signal Polarization Density Algebra Higgs Electric Field Equations
see Diagram 330:

the idea girl says

Diagram 330 WOW! Signal Polarization Density Algebra Higgs Electric Field Equations

blue book notes 1 page 104, 105, cooled plasma formula pages 2,3 continues from Diagram 329 light frequencies.
my thoughts – May 25, 2016

I just noticed that we finished blogging the wow obsidian mirrors formula’s, and now were looking at the COOLED PLASMA formula’s. I’m going to blog a few diagrams, and then update all the cross referencing videos for you to look at which have the original formula keywords in them. The diagrams are sketches of WHAT the keywords MEAN.

The alien radio signal WOW! 6EQUJ5 research is on the idea girl says YouTube channel.

notes 23 oct 2013
formula keywords from data continue:
Algebra relation between polarization density, higgs electric field, expressed as P(W)=-ne2/mw2*E(W)
Frequency dependent dielectric function of solid graphite film
E(W)=1-ne2/eOmw2 at resonance frequency wp called cooled plasma, cooled rubidium atoms, plasma frequency, dielectric function changes, sign from negative to positive and real part of dielecric function drops to ZERO, Mayan symbol for ZERO = 5.8783279E6 Wp= square root of ne2/eOm This is a plasma oscillation.
Langmuir WAVES
are rapdi oscillations of the electron density in conducting media such as plasma’s or METALS.
page 105 notes
v up arrow connected to down arrow Polarization Density

spinning HEF HIggs electric field below it, shows arrows going clock wise to the right and counter clockwise to the LEFT

in relation
Algebra relation

See Diagram 331 for the rest of the algebraic equation for P(W), frequency, solid graphite film, dependent dielectric functions
Diagram 332 resonance frequency WP plasma frequency, cooled plasma spins with ultra cold rubidium atoms in the plasma that rotates along with the HEF HIggs Electric Field around the crystalline super lattice two walled Y structure UFO engine design.

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