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Diagram 338a WOW! Part II Laser Beams UFO Engine Polymer Plasma Bridges Argon Visible Lights

June 16, 2016

Diagram 338a WOW! Part II Laser Beams UFO Engine Polymer Plasma Bridges Argon Visible Lights. I blogged the research notes for this diagram 338a, first and now i’ll do the formula drawing notes and instructions in part II.

he idea girl says

Part II notes repeat the beginning

Diagram 338a WOW! Laser Beams UFO Engine Polymer Plasma Bridges Argon Visible Lights

blue book notes 1, page 108, cooled plasma formula search page 5 notes

Diagram 338a, and 338b (next blog post) has lots of keywords, formula notes.

it’s the inner workings of the UFO engine design, laser beams, mixing with polymer chains, a plasma bridge, liquid argon gas, visible lights two super lattice crystal walls, smectic phases, liquid crystal wafers

formula notes continue here:

page 5 notes

you see two circles one inside of the other

the outer circle is the outside of the UFO crystalline super lattice Y structure

it has a mixture of spinning TEVATRON ENERGIES of liquid argon gas, proton rings and its going to create the cooled plasma for the “bridge” that will connect the two traversable wormholes being created and shown in Diagram 338b WOW! data.

on the left it says

LIQUID WAFERS with an arrow pointing to two lines.

if you look carefully there’s a Y structure \|/

\ the LEFT side of the Y structure shows liquid wafers in it they are in LAYERS

on the outside on SIDE D of the Y crystalline super lattice engine is the laser beam GUN

it’s shooting laser beams ——-> in a linear path past the liquid wafers (so it will go through them and gather energies FROM the crystal wafers) and it goes into a middle | line

liquid wafers ^ up arrow step solid ? can’t read my NOTES!!!!

melting into droplets of crystals?

smectic phase on the top left

in the top middle it says

two lattice crystal walls

on the right it says

liquid argon gas

three arrows point to lines with squiggly lines these will be VISIBLE LIGHTS


at the BASE of the | middle line it shows polymer chains forming from the liquid crystal wafers, the middle line and the polymer chains connecting it to the inner spinning walls of cooled plasma, liquid argon gas?

polymer chains form in a triangle wave pattern and then go downwards with nodes or points of space in small segments?

long ligands cross linked, form the long oblong circles that come out of the BASE of the UFO engine in the stem part of the Y structure

it shows plasma bridges forming with Diagram 338b’s traversable wormholes, there’s two of them

the left side of the Y ufo crystalline engine forms a traversable wormhole on the LEFT side this one will actually be created and eventually close when the second wormhole on the RIGHT separates from it and travels off into deep space, the RIGHT wormhole will remain OPEN at ALL times, it will never close.


let’s look at Diagram 338b formula instructions next. Make sure you look at all research data and notes with Part I of Diagram 338a, it’s showing what things go into this part or component of the UFO engine’s crystalline super lattice walled structure.

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