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Diagram 339 WOW! Line 22 7b97z103a Dielectric Function Electron Gas Atomic Cores Plasma Polarized Formula WOW SETI

June 22, 2016

Diagram 339 WOW! Line 22 7b97z103a Dielectric Function Electron Gas Atomic Cores Plasma Polarized Formula WOW SETI

227 views 22 june 2016
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Math Equation Wow Seti 1977 radio signal alien
Wow SETI 1977 radio signal alien
Google 0.0071

Charged plasma + electron free gas + atomic nuclei +Oscillating higgs field + Flux electric higgs field graphite films laser beams UFO space travel ideas for the CORE wires engine found in line 22 wow data . 103 is divided into a, b, c Formula continues from previous video 103a.

21 July 2013
Previous videos:
Line 22 7b97z102 Plane Wave Travelling Free Electronic Band Structure Schrodinger WOW SETI

Line 22 7b97 Ballistic Umklapp Scattering Phonon Formula 5g WOW SETI

Formula from previous video:

Umklapp scattering+ (also U-process or Umklapp process) + transformation, + reflection +

Translation+ wave vector +to +another+ Brillouin zone +result + scattering +process+ an electron-lattice potential google – Free electron model in another video

Free electron model + Dielectric function of the electron gas

Quote wiki:

On a scale much larger than the inter atomic distance a solid can be viewed as an aggregate of a negatively charged plasma of the free electron gas and a positively charged background of atomic cores.

The background is the rather stiff and massive background of atomic nuclei and core electrons which we will consider to be infinitely massive and fixed in space.
23 Oct 2013

My thoughts and formula:

Electric Field (HIGGS) + surface charge density = recycled energy + fully charged electron plasma that can MOVE a DISTANCE +x+ apart+ from + positively charged background + add

Quadrupole + monopole magnetic forces +bendable flexible metals + super alloy mixtures (cross ref lines 1 to 27 in wow data formulas) +

Formula from data:
Inter atomic distance solid + aggregate + of + negatively charged plasma + of + free + electron + gas+

And + positively + charged + background + atomic cores +

Back ground + stiff+ massive + (adds mass to a particle) + background + of + atomic nuclei + ( you can work and modify it’s properties) +

core electrons+
massive + fixed + in + outer space+ minkowski space time equations + Schrödinger’s equation +

Negatively +charged+ plasma+ formed+ by + valence+ electrons+ of + free + electron + model +
Uniformly + distributed + over + interior

+ of + the + solid + graphite film + colliding + neutrinos+ cooled plasma + ultra cold rubidium atoms + liquid argon gas + particle mixtures (cross ref formulas in wow data lines 1 to 27) +

Add + oscillating + Higgs electric field + applied + to + solid + graphite film with copper-copper alloys + vacuum chamber +spin + proton energies +

Negatively + charged+ plasma + move+ a + distance + x + apart + from + positively + charged + background +

Add ribbon electron beams + diffraction + obsidian mirrors + hollow core fiber optic nodes + DARPA + COUGAR

+ piezoelectric crystals + wires+ elshelby twist+ nanotechnology + nanowires + microwires +

Solid graphite films + polarized + nodes + six Quadrupole magnet structure + four monopole magnetic structure + magnetic forces

+ five axial forces +five new bosons + new standard model found in wow data formula’s in line 22 (cross ref lines 1 to 27 )

charge carriers + particle mixtures proton energies rotate around higgs electric field forces +

Excess charge + power to UFO engine components + piezoelectric crystals absorb electrical impulses converting them into laser beam pulses +

Charges hit back and forth between two super space lattice structures + surface charge density +

Ps = – nex + produces + restoring (recycle) higgs electric field pulse + proton energies + electron energies + in + graphite film structure adding electricity inside CORE of UFO space ship using the math algorithms found in Euclid Elements and this equation
E = nex/e0

23 oct 2013

Formula and data continue in the next several videos

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