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Diagram 339 WOW! Signal Quantum Higgs Flux Electron Free Gas Positive Negative Charges

June 22, 2016

Diagram 339 WOW! Signal Quantum Higgs Flux Electron Free Gas Positive Negative Charges

see Diagram 339 here:

the idea girl says

Diagram 339 WOW! Signal Quantum Higgs Flux Electron Free Gas Positive Negative Charges

blue book notes 1 page 109, page 6 of cooled plasma formula notes

Line 22 7b97z103a Dielectric Function Electron Gas Atomic Cores Plasma Polarized Formula WOW SETI

see next blog post for video and formula notes

page 6 notes

103a charged plasma, electron free gas

103b1 atomic nuclei, oscillating higgs field

103c2 flux, electric, higgs field, graphite

google keywords films, laser beams formula’s a,b,c

higgs electric field see particles formula’s for more details (will be blogged in future search notes! it’s on my to do list!)



Line 22 7b97z103b Dielectric Polarization Higgs Electric Field Harmonic Oscillating FORMULA WOW SETI


Line 22 7b97z103c Higgs Field Graphite Flux Harmonic Atoms Proton Particles Formula WOW SETI

will blog videos and formula notes next after 103a, so  103b is part 1, 103c is part 2

page 6 notes

Diagram 339

you see a cloud forms around two circles each inside of this cloud (in layers)

on the left it shows

FLUX + (positive charge)

Electric (-) negative charge

Positive +/negative –

it will affect particle mixtures and the Higgs Electric Field and Higgs Boson particle signals will send out a message to “the particle mixtures” to change the charges from their NORMAL setting to a new setting.  So if a particle is usually (-) negative, it can flux and change it’s quantum physics to a (+,0) positive or neutral (0) charge using the laser beam signals and the crystalline super lattice Y structure UFO engine design.

below the quantum FLUX  which happens in the middle circle (UFO vacuum engine?)

it shows a laser beam signal pulse firing from the SSW section of the UFO crystalline super lattice Y structure engine design.

it shows an arrow from the Higgs Field in the middle of the circle so HEF is generated here

^ up arrow

v down arrow

in the middle of the middle circle shows E+, E- positive and negative electron particles will be colliding in this space within a spinning HEF Higgs Electric Field generated by the NODES or wire transmitters.

the positive + E electron particles stay in the NORTH end of the vacuum UFO engine (top part of the engine)

the negative – E electron particles stay in the SOUTH end of the vacuum UFO engine (the bottom part of the engine)

now in the next circle that SURROUNDS the middle circle where Quantum FLUX is happening to the electron particles as they SWITCH from positive, negative charge or vice versa.

you see three E+ positive electrons are in the CHARGED PLASMA and a neutral charged (0) ELECTRON FREE GAS mixture with Liquid ARGON GAS? (not sure if that’s what it’s going to be but it’s in that SAME area in other diagrams so we can ASSUME it’s going to be mixing with the particles here!

it shows 7 atomic nuclei? under the neutral electron gas and the positive CHARGED electron that floats above it on the RIGHT side of the second circle part of the UFO engine design.

my thoughts June 22, 2016 going to google 7 atomic nuclei to see if it signifies anything?

interesting it’s based on an early experiment that was further changed in theory by another man. but the Alien technology is saying it’s TRUE in this STATE this type of atomic nuclei will form (as a new particle – that is the question! you will have to TEST this theory AGAIN to see what AIRL the alien technology is trying to SHOW you).

quote wiki

Around the same time that this was happening (1909) Ernest Rutherford performed a remarkable experiment in which Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden under his supervision fired alpha particles (helium nuclei) at a thin film of gold foil. The plum pudding model predicted that the alpha particles should come out of the foil with their trajectories being at most slightly bent. He was shocked to discover that a few particles were scattered through large angles, even completely backwards in some cases. The discovery, beginning with Rutherford’s analysis of the data in 1911, eventually led to the Rutherford model of the atom, in which the atom has a very small, very dense nucleus consisting of heavy positively charged particles with embedded electrons in order to balance out the charge. As an example, in this model nitrogen-14 consisted of a nucleus with 14 protons and 7 electrons, and the nucleus was surrounded by 7 more orbiting electrons.

The Rutherford model worked quite well until studies of nuclear spin were carried out by Franco Rasetti at the California Institute of Technology in 1929. By 1925 it was known that protons and electrons had a spin of 1/2, and in the Rutherford model of nitrogen-14 the 14 protons and six of the electrons should have paired up to cancel each other’s spin, and the final electron should have left the nucleus with a spin of 1/2. Rasetti discovered, however, that nitrogen-14 has a spin of one.

my thoughts


Rutherford’s Experiment: Nuclear Atom

quote yt notes
Rutherford’s Nuclear Atom Experiment
In 1910, Rutherford and his coworkers were studying the angles at which alpha particles were scattered as they passed through a thin gold foil. Most particles passed through undeflected, though a few were found to be scattered at large, some even in the direction they had come. This meant they had collided with an object much more massive than the particle itself, but so small that only a few aplha particles encountered them. Showing that the atom was composed of a small dense massive center surrounded by low mass electrons.
video is from:

3D animation of the Rutherford atom

the idea girl says
you can see the particles acting differently that go around it so this is what the UFO vacuum engine is showing how to manipulate the particle charges from positive to negative and create Quantum Flux in the Y structure crystalline super lattice engine.

so you see a charged plasma it’s spinning around in a circle
it generates on the right side of the engine 2 positive charged electrons
actually the placement of the electrons is that of the tetrahedron triangle?
b, c, a

lets look at our diagram of that.

Diagram 6 ABCDE euclid b1 p1 BAC mirror tetrahedron crystal lattice UFO engine

Diagram 6 ABCDE euclid b1 p1 BAC mirror tetrahedron crystal lattice UFO engine

Diagram 6 ABCDE euclid b1 p1 BAC mirror tetrahedron crystal lattice UFO engine

shows B, A, C

in the Diagram 339

the charged plasma goes around this whole design (outside of D, E) and the ABC creates a Quantum FLUX of particles and Higgs Field and mirrors the tetrahedron triangle! So this must be what it means which it says CREATE Equilibrium in Diagram 6.


so you have a layer of charged plasma in Diagram 339

then a charged + positive Electron

then (0) zero or neutral charged electron free gas (liquid argon gas might be in the mixture here as well)

then we have our 7 atomic nuclei which is based on RUTHERFORD MODEL of an atomic nuclei (see above notes and WIKI quotes, diagrams on the alien space science news photos blog post for Diagram 339)

then it shows the oscillating Higgs field going around the charged particles in the second circle

it shows a type of arrows going right and left and not sure what that is yet…

below this is the graphite film conductor of +/- positive negative charge

formula from video 103a

notes dated march 30, 2015

my thoughts according to this formula, the plasma goes from (0) zero neutral net charge to a (+) positive net charge.

A SECOND Higgs ELECTRIC field is created in the middle where FLUX +/- positive, negative affects particle collisions.

so we know there’s a surrounding higgs electric field that spins around the whole crystalline super lattice Y structure UFO engine, and each NODE of wires levitates and trasmits signals and laser beams, and it ALSO creates it’s own INDIVIDUAL higgs electric field that spins, now it shows in the middle portion of the vacuum where the Quantum Flux happens to the particles that collide there, and the Higgs bosons, and Higgs Field, it’s also creating  another Higgs Field that seems to separate the electrons putting the positive (+) E charged electrons to the top and the (-) E charged electrons to the bottom.

I’m not sure if this is the UFO Vacuum engine section or the middle part of the Y crystalline super lattice structure section. The notes suggest the charged plasma is show in several more diagrams with formula instructions.

I’m going to blog the videos 103a, 103b, 103c and perhaps it will show the research work you’ll need to COMBINE in order to achieve this goal in your Higgs Vacuum particle collider.

Each one will be labelled Diagram 339 WOW! from page 109, page 6 notes, blogged on June 22, 2016.


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