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Diagram 339 WOW!Line 22 7b97h Free electron Model Crystal Lattice 5g WOW SETI

June 22, 2016

Diagram 339 WOW!Line 22 7b97h Free electron Model Crystal Lattice 5g WOW SETI

205 views 22 june 2016

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Math Equation Wow Seti 1977 radio signal alien
Wow SETI 1977 radio signal alien
Google 0.0071
Free electron models NASA communication signals Higgs boson, super lattice, quantum dots, water, Wiedemann-Franz law line 22 wow data
To be filmed 25 jul 2013

Line 22f1fa19c3m1b7c8e13c9c6d3p38d19d7b97 BallisticUmklapp Scattering Phonon Formula 5g WOW SETI

Formula from previous video:

Umklapp scattering+ (also U-process or Umklapp process) + transformation, + reflection +

Translation+ wave vector +to +another+ Brillouin zone +result + scattering +process+ an electron-lattice potential google – Free electron model in another video

Free electron model

Quote diagrams from WIKI:
• the Wiedemann-Franz law which relates electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity;

• the temperature dependence of the heat capacity;

• the shape of the electronic density of states;
• the range of binding energy values;
• electrical conductivities;

• thermal electron emission and field electron emission from bulk metals.

In three dimensions, the density of statesof a gas of fermions is proportional to the square root of the kinetic energy of the particles.

Free electron model
continues in the next video

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CML, NASA, newtons second law of motion, formula, hot temperatures, expand, mass, higgs mass particles, five axial forces, janet conrad, miniboone experiment data 2008, 2012, electron ribbon pencil laser beams, filters, diffraction, colliding particles, splitting baryons, tau neutrinos, splitting fermions, leptons, 5 new bosons, new standard model wow! signal 5 boson particles created in line 22 formula’s, cross reference, proton energies, nanowires, nanotechnology, elshelby twist, nodes, quadrapole magnets, monopole, dipole moment, euclid elements, archimedes algorithms

see blog post and diagrams added research notes

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