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Diagram 300 WOW! Line 22f1fa19c3k28 Create Massless Spin-2 Particle Higgs Boson Field WOW SETI

June 28, 2016

Diagram 300 WOW! Line 22f1fa19c3k28 Create Massless Spin-2 Particle Higgs Boson Field WOW SETI


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Math Equation Wow Seti 1977 radio signal alien

Wow SETI 1977 radio signal alien


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massless spin-2 particle

Gravitomagnetic field due to angular momentum

23 Oct 2012

My thoughts:

How to create a massless spin 2 particle..

Based on the idea I got from looking at this diagram of the Gravitomagnetic field:

Have the higgs field rotating on both sides as it passes through the middle like in this graph. You have two things spinning with the E- electron and m muon on either side. J is the Joule and H is the higgs field or mass boson. Notice the rotation direction is opposite..

On the left it’s clockwise on the right it’s counter clock wise.. So you would create your two rings Tevatron’s to move the high speed plasma in the rings than it looks like you collide everything in the middle

(with obsidian sphere mirrors reflecting back to back from one another you send laser neutrino liquid argon gas beams back out towards one another and your mixture of neutrino particles can pass through the middle portion of the two photon rings combining with muon’s first as they pass through

(muon 1/2 spin + muon neutrino is 1/2 spin with 0 mass ) creating a collision in the middle than the pass through the ( E- electron’s (lepton with 1/2 spin) and Vu (Electron Neutrino 1/2 spin) second).

This can create a particle with spin 2. (1/2 x4 = 2)
Use two W7-X stellarators for your design.

Laser Beam:
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have transformed the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS)
In a process called self-seeding, the diamond filters the laser beam to a single X-ray color, which is then amplified.

High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC)

Sketch of LEP3
TLEP double ring: a first ring accelerates electrons and positrons up to operating energy 45-120 (180) GeV and injects them at a few minutes interval into the low-emittance collider ring, which includes high luminosity interaction points (A. Blondel/U. Geneva)

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