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Diagram 344a,b,c WOW! Signal Higgs Electric Field Wormhole Plasma Positive Negative Density

July 12, 2016

Diagram 344a,b,c WOW! Signal Higgs Electric Field Wormhole Plasma Positive Negative Density, three diagrams with notes for the UFO engine design showing how the ends of the traversable wormhole collapse or maintain a connection through millions of light years of space travel.

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, page 112, cooled plasma formula and obsidian mirrors notes page 7 continues from Diagrams 343a,b

Diagram 344a WOW! Signal Higgs Electric Field Wormhole Plasma Positive Negative Density

Diagram 344b Plasma Wormhole Higgs Field Surface Charge Densities

Diagram 344c Plasma Creates UFO wormhole Negative Positive Density Ends

my thoughts and formula page 7 notes 23 oct 2013
Electric field (HIGGS), surface charge density = recycled energy, fully charged electron plasma that can move a distance, X apart from, positively charged background matter, add Quadruopole, monopole, magnetic forces, bendable flexible metals, super alloy mixtures (cross ref Lines 1 – 27 ) all in the formula searched under PLASMA.

looking at Diagrams 344a, and the notes in Diagram 344b, 344c.

on the left is an —–> arrow pointing to the right middle portion of
three circles.
each inside of one another
full charged +E (+ positive charged) electron PLASMA

which is in the middle second circle
the very middle arrow —–> points to the right side where 344b notes are located.
you can see the arrows going clock wise to the RIGHT
or counter clockwise to the LEFT
this is the HEF Higgs Electric Field generated by the Y UFO engine crystalline structure design.

in the middle is the WORMHOLE END (+) positive charged
plasma move a distance X – apart from positively charged background matter (dark matter particles)
the higgs electric field rotates left or right depending on what charges you want to create with the UFO engine’s design

at the BASE of the rotating higgs field is the BASE of the UFO space ship
RE in a circle

RE = Recycled Energy which will POWER the space vehicle
surface charge of the RE

down to the notes of 344c it shows the plasma from the middle of the space ship (the positive + charged wormhole end moving outside of the space ship going past the charged surface density of the recycled energy

it says plasma move a distance x apart
(creates two wormhole ends (-) negative END density and (+) positive end density

see Diagram 345 for more instructions about the wormhole ends.

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