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Diagram 345 WOW! Signal Wormhole Plasma Ends Created by UFO space ship

July 12, 2016

Diagram 345 WOW! Signal Wormhole Plasma Ends Created by UFO space ship continues the information shown in Diagrams 344a, 344b, 344c which shows how to create negative positive density plasma for a wormhole on the UFO space ship engine’s designs.

the idea girl says

Diagram 345 WOW! Signal Wormhole Plasma Ends Created by UFO space ship

blue book notes 1, page 112, cooled plasma formula notes along with obsidian mirrors page 7 notes.

this continues the UFO engine’s instructions on how to generate positive negative plasma density for the traversable wormhole engine shown in Diagrams 344a, 344b, 344c.

Diagram 345 notes

you see ___________O (+) —–>
a line goins into the plasma CIRCLE which is the (+) positive end of the wormhole generated by the middle of the UFO space ship in Diagram 344a,b,c see previous blog post on July 12, 2016 (click on date on calendar or search for it like this Diagram 344a,b,c WOW SETI) on this blog or on google it will come up for you!)

the positive + charged wormhole end —-> colliding nuclei (atomic)
creates DISTANCE apart X from the wormhole end another o circle appears,
pions? (might be in this particle mixture with the colliding atomic nuclei particle mixture which will be blogged with “mixed particle formula’s” in the future (on my to do list!)

—-> the positive density collides with atomic nuclei and generates another wormhole end which is going to be (-) negative density charged.
O- ____________ wormhole end.
(arrow to next page 113 to Diagram 346 – on my to do list!)

see Diagram 346 colliding charged atomic nuclei in the plasma wormhole end.

July 12, 2016
my thoughts to my readers:

I still have to upload the diagrams 346 -? so it might take some time.

I am going to catch up with the research videos from the idea girl says youtube channel and finish blogging Diagram 300, and Diagram 339 wow! signal alien research videos for 6EQUJ5. I will add the US, world patent code numbers, inventions and science abstract notes for you to work on during the month of July 2016. I will start blogging more diagrams in August 2016.

You’ll need to watch every video because it shows the particle properties that have to be added in the mixtures. When I blog particle mixture formula’s, each detail should come up then.

so far I’ve blogged the wow obsidian mirrors formula’s and now were working on the cooled plasma formula notes. THERES another 200 diagrams to add, were working on Diagram 300’s now. This is the intricate parts to the crystalline super lattice Y structure Engine. There are 5 engines so far that have been named. Each engine shows what it can do in Diagrams 99 to 300, Diagrams 1 to 99 show how the WHOLE space ship works.
Now were learning how to BUILD each section, one step at a time based on your scientific research from scientists, and lab students from several universities around the world…

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