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Diagram 387 WOW! Signal NODES PIezoelectric Crystals Laser BEams Semi Conductors

November 28, 2016

Diagram 387 WOW! Signal NODES PIezoelectric Crystals Laser BEams Semi Conductors

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, page 128 page 9 cooled plasma formula notes

Diagram 387 WOW! Signal NODES PIezoelectric Crystals Laser BEams Semi Conductors

diffracting laser beam signals off piezoelectric crystals for laser beam communication signals created by the NODES that turn into semi conductors on the UFO engine design.

formula notes
page 9 see page 127 diagrams from diagram 386 notes
my thoughts
use piezoelectric crystals using the obsidian mirrors you will diffract the laser beams onto the piezoelectric crystals that will surround each NODE of wires (nan + micro + fiber optic wires, elshelby twist combine three wires together into the NODES super metal alloys) (copper will be part of the semi conductors within the nanowires covered with a ceramic surface. (formula’s Line 22 for each individual piece has to be put together to make all of this work.)

LB is the laser beam gun

LB —> OM (hits the obsidian mirror) that sits on D side of the UFO crystal engine design.

LB _–> OM —>P C piezoelectric crystals diffracting laser beams hit the crystals that are levitating in between the obsidian mirrors and the left side of the super lattice mesh crystal wall

laser beam signals —> diffract onto NODES wires.
going through a ceramic surface that covers each of the different types of wires inside of the NODES

nano wires , micro wires, darpa cougar hollow core fiber optic wires

copper in a semi conductor within nanowires in a ceramic surface

om on the E side of the right side of the lattice crystal mesh wall
of the UFO engine design

laser beams shoot onto this side as well as the other side

diffract laser beams onto P/c Piezoelectric crystals that surround EACH NODE of WIRES

my thoughts april 3, 2015

this is an update to the first diagrams we saw in “obsidian mirrors” formula notes. The NODES have copper and semi conductors inside of them. The PC piezoelectric crystals surround the nodes.

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