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Diagram 339 WOW! Line 22f1fa19c3m1b7c8e13c9c6d3p38d19d7b73 Isotropic Interactions Formula 5g WOW SETI

January 9, 2017

Diagram 339 WOW! Line 22f1fa19c3m1b7c8e13c9c6d3p38d19d7b73 Isotropic Interactions Formula 5g WOW SETI

169 views 9 jan 2017

5g force ufo engine acceleration plasma formulas

part 284c3m1b7c8e13c9c6d3p38d19d7b73 100 videos there are more videos after this one i’ll post all then update the #.

Math Equation Wow Seti 1977 radio signal alien

Wow SETI 1977 radio signal alien

Google 0.0071
Spin magnetic particle interactions formulas
In wow data
To be filmed 24 jun 2013
Data continues from previous video:
Line 22f1fa19c3m1b7c8e13c9c6d3p38d19d7b72 Magnetized Proton Pulses UFO 5g WOW SETI
Hartmann–Hahn quotes from wiki:

Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonanceanisotropic nuclear

electron spin resonance
16 June 2013

Formula from data:

Spin + interact + magnetic + electric field + higgs boson signal cern june 2012 + chemical bond

Two atoms + rise + interactions + between nuclei + neutrinos + 4 split fermions + leptons + higgs boson particle with mass + higgs boson signals + laser beams +

Crystals+ mesh + lattice + ribbon electron beams +

Interactions + collisions + graphite + crystal + magnetic + wafers + obsidian mirrors+ deflection of laser beams +

Crystals+ powders + large + membrane + vesicles + carbon nanotubes + vacuum + molecular + aggregates +

Formula continues:

Bendable metal + resist + compressive + stress + (from pressure in outer space + dark matter particles ) + anisotropic + interactions + influence + behavior + system + nuclear spins

(speed of light + nuclear reaction + domino effect + neutrino + colliding + particles in Fuel systems)

Contrast + classical liquid-state NMR experiment + Brownian motion + (collision of nuclear reactions created by neutrinos mixing with higgs boson mass particles + fuel mixes with liquid argon gas formulas found in wow data lines 17 to 22)
Formula continues:

Averaging + anisotropic + interactions + time-scale + NMR experiments

Anisotropic nuclear + two directionally dependent interactions ( Higgs Boson Signal – neutrinos + protons separate signals) + solid -state NMR = chemical shift anisotropy CSA (cross ref with wow data)+

Internuclear dipolar coupling (googled )
Quote wiki
Magnetic dipole–dipole interaction
Formula continues:

Magnetic dipole–dipole interaction + dipole coupling + interaction + between 2 monopole dipoles + 4 Quadrupole magnets + magnetic

dipoles + potential energy + E is Vector Parallel + LINE joining + centers two dipoles + R distance between two dipoles + mk and mj

Add two interacting + nuclear spins + (neutrinos spin + split 4 fermions + leptons + five axial forces from five New STANDARD Model boson particles found in WOW DATA lines 17 to 22 – cross ref)

Add unit vector (spin hyperbole space of UFO CORE levitating ) + from it’s magnetic moment.

My thoughts

The moment the particles become magnetized is when you invert and diffract all the electron pencil ribbon laser beams using obsidian mirrors, that create electron holes in the

crystalline graphite wafers formed into a mesh, lattice with the fluoroscopy beam going up the middle of the structure, and creating a loop

Tevatron ring with proton energy recycling your fuels, and electricity fuels to generate engine power and electricity within the UFO space ship.

Formula continues:

Interactions + anisotropic J-coupling in NMR,
related fields (higgs boson signals, messiner effects) +

g-tensor+ electron spin resonance
Formula continues:
Unpaired electrons + NMR = electron spins + excited + spins + atomic nuclei + stable molecules W1 and Z1 bosons + electron holes paired +

EPR techniques + chemical solvents + matrices + no rise + value 0 + EPR spectra+

Anisotropic interactions + modify + nuclear spin energy + levels + resonance frequency +
All molecules + line broadening effect + NMR spectra + range

+ encode + structural + parameters+ add to bendable metals formulas in wow data lines 17 to 22 (cross ref line 27) +

Orientation + molecule + interest+

encode structural parameters (see in next set of videos Google keyword leads to Particle Swarm Optimization)

High- resolution + solids + magic angle spinning (MAS)

(Google keyword MAS in another video)

Combinations + both techniques + enhancement + mobility +
Radio frequency + irradiation patterns +

I cannot fit the whole formula here, will blog it with the video on the alien space science news wordpress – with links etc..

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